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Cisco DevNet Certifications Guide

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: March 18, 2024 
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Cisco DevNet certifications were recently announced by Cisco that focuses on modern networking concepts, like automation and software. It is designed for software developers as well as for network professionals to optimize and write applications for the new network and choose the technology skills they want to develop.

This certification validates one’s skills and knowledge in understanding and using APIs, Cisco platforms and development, application development and security, and infrastructure and automation. This article explores the significance of Cisco DevNet certifications, their benefits, popular certifications, preparation strategies, exam details, and career opportunities.

What are Cisco DevNet Certifications?

Cisco DevNet certifications validate the skills and expertise of individuals in software development, automation, and programmability using Cisco technologies. These certifications are designed for developers, network engineers, and IT professionals who want to leverage their coding and automation skills to build innovative solutions in the Cisco ecosystem

DevNet certifications bridge the gap between traditional networking and software development, enabling professionals to thrive in the era of digital transformation.

Benefits of Cisco DevNet Certifications

Here are some of the chosen benefits of Cisco DevNet Certifications –

  • Enhanced Skills: Cisco DevNet certifications equip professionals with in-demand skills in software development, automation, and programmability, making them more valuable in the job market.
  • Industry Recognition: Holding a Cisco DevNet certification demonstrates your expertise in Cisco technologies and sets you apart from your peers.
  • Career Advancement: Cisco DevNet certifications open doors to exciting career opportunities in areas such as network automation, cloud integration, and IoT.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: DevNet certifications provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire software development lifecycle within the Cisco ecosystem.

Popular Cisco DevNet Certifications

Cisco has introduced this track with three levels of certifications:

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (CCNA DevNet)

The first stage in the Cisco DevNet Certifications is CCNA Devnet.

It is now possible to get Cisco Certified DevNet Associate status by passing DEVASC 200-901 exam. APIs, infrastructure deployment, and software development principles are all addressed in the exam. Also, knowing the fundamentals of a network, such as which protocols to use and how to understand some bits and bytes, will help professionals understand their network better.

Suppose you are a developer who has one or more years of hands-on experience developing and maintaining applications. In that case, this certification will help you enhance your core knowledge of Cisco platforms, working with applications, Cisco’s programmability strategy, and APIs.

The DevNet Associate Exam v1.0 (DEVASC 200-901) exam is a 120-minute exam associated with the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification. It tests a candidate’s software development and design knowledge, including understanding and using APIs, Cisco platforms and development, application development and security, and infrastructure and automation.

The course Developing Applications and Automating Workflows Using Cisco Core Platforms (DEVASC) helps candidates prepare for this exam.

Some major topics are:

  • Software development and design
  • Understanding and using APIs
  • Cisco platforms and development
  • Application deployment and security
  • Infrastructure and Automation
  • Network fundamentals

Take a look at these CCNA DevNet Associate Interview Questions if you are preparing for an Interview.

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional (CCNP DevNet):

The second stage in the Cisco DevNet certifications is CCNP DevNet.

Developers with at least three to five years of experience in designing and implementing applications can leverage this opportunity. Two exams cover designing and developing resilient, robust, and secure applications using Cisco APIs and platforms and managing and deploying applications on Cisco infrastructure:

The core exam: DEVCOR 350-901 validates aspiring candidates’ professional-level developer skills.

The concentration exam: You can choose between eight concentration exams from the given lists, and there is no need to take them all. Choosing DevOps will make sense if you know the DevOps’ tooling ecosystem. The enterprise exam is an excellent choice if you are interested in pursuing network automation.

Choose from the following technology and subject areas:

  • Enterprise Automation (ENAUTO 300-435)
  • Collaboration Automation (CLAUTO 300-835)
  • Data Centre Automation (DCAUTO 300-635)
  • Service provider Automation (SPAUTO 300-535)
  • Security Automation (SAUTO 300-735)
  • DevOps Automation (DEVOPS 300-910)
  • Developing Webex Solutions (DEVWBX 300-920)
  • IoT (DEVIOT 300-915)

Cisco Certified DevNet Expert (CCIE DevNet)

The last stage in the Cisco DevNet Certifications track is Cisco Certified DevNet Expert.

It is for developers and network engineers with three to five years of experience with application development, operations, security, or infrastructure. It validates specialized knowledge and skills that connect development, operations, security, and network operations in an environment focused on continuously delivering applications and services using Cisco platforms and devices.

The CCIE DevNet certification empowers professionals to effectively integrate business applications with network infrastructure, optimize workflows, and enhance the overall efficiency and performance of organizations. With this certification, individuals demonstrate their proficiency in leveraging programmability and automation to drive innovation and enable digital transformation in the networking industry.

Cisco DevNet Certification cost

The Cisco DevNet certification exam cost varies according to its levels:

Associate level exams: 300 USD + Taxes

Professional level exams:

  • Core exam – 400 USD + Taxes
  • Concentration exam – 300 USD + Taxes

Expert level exams:

  • Qualifying exam – 400 USD + Taxes
  • Lab exam – 1600 USD + Taxes

How to prepare for Cisco DevNet Certifications

Preparing for Cisco DevNet certifications requires a systematic approach and access to relevant study materials. Here are some effective strategies to help you ace your certification exams:

  • Start your preparation by referring to the official certification guides provided by Cisco. These guides cover the exam topics in detail and serve as a comprehensive resource for exam preparation.
  • Cisco DevNet offers a wide range of learning labs that provide hands-on experience with Cisco technologies and APIs. These labs allow you to gain practical skills and reinforce your understanding of key concepts.
  • Consider enrolling in training courses and bootcamps offered by various training companies like PyNet Labs. These courses provide structured learning experiences and expert guidance, helping you grasp complex topics effectively.
  • To gauge your readiness for the certification exams, take advantage of practice exams and mock tests.

Cisco DevNet Certifications – Important points you need to know

Here are the important things about Cisco DevNet certifications that you must know.

DevNet helps maintain the delicacy of networking infrastructure:

The boundless tendency of networks proves to be a limitless interconnection day by day. The sustainability of interconnection led by the various innovative applications helps the IT professionals in automation and keeps their networking infrastructure secure.

Our potential to control, neutralize or minimize the growing networking infrastructural threats is the only shield against the dark regime. Maintaining the delicacy of networking infrastructure is an art of professionalism that can only be brought through the right skill.

DevNet offers required skills to professionals shaping the future technology:

In a global forum, Cisco-certified professionals lead and shape the future of technology. DevNet training helps to master the art of shaping applications that are advantageous to Cisco platforms in many ways, from designing, implementing, building, rebuilding the infrastructure, writing the codes.

As our technology shapes, it helps in the future advancement of daily business and the progress of any individual or whole.

Cisco DevNet Associate training and other DevNet training programs will be helpful in many ways of being advantageous to modern parameters of application designing, software development, and automation.

Cisco DevNet Certifications emphasizes automation:

DevNet is Cisco’s attempt to transform their products into platforms where they can concentrate on providing APIs and leaving the integration to infrastructure and application developers. Many channel partners are joining Cisco’s DevNet initiative, as they claim well over 500K members. Cisco is not going all out and recommends that network engineers become developers or consider becoming CCIEs but emphasize skills integration.

DevNet offers Cisco’s Expert-Level Certification option:

Cisco’s certification and training program now includes CCIE DevNet certification and is designed for network professionals and software developers. After CCIE DevNet training, one can validate their skills and knowledge of software development and design, including using APIs, Cisco platforms, application deployment and security, and infrastructure and automation.

DevNet Training for Passing the Exam:

Although Cisco provides several courses for passing the global certification exam, these can be expensive for some people. To get the best DevNet training, you should consider factors like study material provided, faculty expertise, cost, and accessibility as the main parameters while making a decision. At PyNet Labs, we ensure that our students get the best value for their money and clear the exam of their choice with flying colours.

Career Opportunities with Cisco DevNet Certifications

Cisco DevNet certifications open doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Professionals with DevNet training can pursue roles such as:

By showcasing their expertise in software development and automation, professionals can unlock rewarding career paths and stay relevant in the ever-evolving IT industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Which is better CCNA or DevNet?

The choice between CCNA and DevNet depends on your career goals and interests. If you want to specialize in traditional networking and network administration, CCNA is a better choice. If you are interested in software development, automation, and programmability within the networking domain, DevNet certifications are more suitable.

Q2 – How much does Cisco DevNet certification cost?

The cost of Cisco DevNet certifications varies depending on the specific certification level and the country in which the exam is taken. The cost for the DevNet Associate (DEVASC) exam is USD 300 + Taxes, whereas DevNet Professional is USD 400 + Taxes. The cost of the DevNet Expert is USD 1600 + Taxes.

Q3 – How do I get Cisco DevNet certification?

To obtain Cisco DevNet certification, you need to:

  1. Choose a certification level (Associate, Professional, or Specialist).
  2. Prepare for the exam using official Cisco study materials.
  3. Schedule and pass the certification exam to earn your DevNet certification.

Q4 – Is DevNet Cisco worth IT?

Yes, DevNet Cisco certifications are worth it for IT professionals interested in software development, automation, and programmability within the networking domain. These certifications validate valuable skills that are in high demand in the industry, and they can open up various career opportunities in network automation, DevOps, and software development roles.


Cisco DevNet certifications provide a clear pathway for professionals to enhance their skills in software development, automation, and programmability within the Cisco ecosystem. By earning these certifications, individuals can boost their careers, gain industry recognition, and contribute to the digital transformation journey. With the increasing demand for network automation and programmability, Cisco DevNet certifications have become invaluable assets for professionals aspiring to thrive in the digital world.

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