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Become a Network Automation Expert with PyNet Labs' CCNA DevNet Training
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DevNet Associate Training Overview

Cisco introduced its DevNet certification for those who wish to have network automation job roles. But you as a Network Engineers can also benefit from Cisco DevNet Associate training by upgrading yourself to network automation specialist jobs and double your current salary.

This certification training teaches you programmability from scratch and takes you on an exciting network automation journey. But to start with DevNet associate (DEVASC 200-901) training, hands-on experience with a programming language (specifically Python) is recommended.

As we already know, Network Engineers avoid learning coding/programming to an extent, but now, as networking infrastructure and software engineering are growing interconnected, it's impossible for all networking professionals to escape from learning programming. In fact, for every certification training, you will find Python or other programming language understanding as a mandatory skill. So, sooner or later, all networking professionals will have to learn Python/programming for sure.

As of now, there are limited network engineers with Python/network automation knowledge, but this number is rising tremendously as we have witnessed the jump in the last two years since Cisco launched its DevNet certification.

So, learning python today will be more fruitful and help all the network engineers speed up their network automation journey and become Network Automation Engineers.

Also, at PyNet Labs, you as a Network Engineer will get to learn Python from scratch to a required level where you will be able to perform all the network automation tasks in your organization. We will teach you the basics of Python that will complement your network knowledge, making you proficient enough to write scripts to become a network automation engineer.

We will be training you to become an amazing Network Automation Expert. So, no need to worry if you are learning Python for the first time.

All the students who have taken the CCNA DevNet Associate training from PyNet Labs have been network engineers for 10-15 years, and all of them were learning Python for the first time. So, you need not worry as we have very much experience teaching enough Python required for network automation to beginners.

We have designed a custom training program named Python for Network Engineers + DevNet Associate (200-901) Training+ Ansible Basics where we will be starting your journey from Python so that it would be Python for Network Engineers in the beginning, and then we would take it to learn the CCNA DevNet syllabus. We have also added Ansible basics to our customized program for you to understand how Ansible works for Network Automation.


DevNet Associate Training from Industry specialist trainer Mr. Abhijit Bakale (AB), who has 10 Years of Training, Consulting, and Implementation experience
Training Duration - 40 Hours with Live Instructor
No need to worry if learning Python for the first time, our course is a mix of Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet + Ansible Basics, and we are going to take it from scratch
Every candidate will be provided with required images of Routers, Switches, Firewalls, etc.
We provide PDF and Python Scripts throughout the training
The lab will be set up locally on your system/machine with Lifetime Access by PyNet Labs
Lifetime Access to the class recordings
Lifetime Access to a private telegram group for doubts and queries
PyNet Labs course completion certificate with a unique Certificate ID
Language to be followed in training - English.
Language to be followed for Jokes and fun in between - English
CCNA DevNet Training with a discount of up-to 20% off and various other benefits.

DevNet Associate Training at PyNet Labs

Understanding of Cisco Networking devices or, say, basic CCNA 200-301 knowledge is required
Knowledge of Programming or Python is NOT required




Seats Left

Batch 1
Weekends Batch
(Saturday & Sunday)
8th June to 28th July 2024
5 PM to 8 PM Indian Time
7: 30 AM to 10: 30 AM Eastern Time
11: 30 AM to 2: 30 PM UTC/ GMT00
Sold out
Batch 2
Weekdays Batch
(Monday to Thursday)
15th July - 8th August 2024
8: 30 PM to 11: 30 PM Indian Time
11 AM to 2 PM Eastern Time
2: 30 PM to 5: 30 PM UTC/ GMT00
Batch 3
Weekends Batch
(Saturday & Sunday)
10th August to 29th Sept 2024
5 PM to 8 PM Indian Time
7: 30 AM to 10: 30 AM Eastern Time
11: 30 AM to 2: 30 PM UTC/ GMT00


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What You Will Learn in DEVASC 200-901 Training

Introduction to Fundamental Python programming
Introduction to Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Python data structure
Using Python to read from and write to a file
Python loops and conditional code
Programming Python Functions
Python Libraries, Packages, and Modules
Integrated Development Environments
Python code analysis and error handling
Configuring IOS Devices using NETMIKO
Cisco-supported APIs and automation protocols
Introduction to Network-Based APIs
Consuming REST-Based APIs
Modern Driven Programmability with YANG
Cisco Nexus NX-OS APIs
Introduction to NAPALM
Introducing Modern Software Development
Version Control System (VCS)
Introduction to Ansible
Software Requirement for Ansible
Understanding the Architecture & File Structure of Ansible
Comparing Ansible with Standard Network Automation
Working with Playbook and Tasks in Ansible


  • Practice the effects of fundamental Python commands
  • Program Python data structure
  • Create Python scripts to interact with files
  • Write scripts to demonstrate Python loops and conditional code
  • Create a Python script
  • Share files using Git and GitHub
  • Write Python Functions
  • Write Python code of Modules and Packages
  • Implement Python code in IDEs
  • Debug and test Python code
  • Parse API Data Formats with Python
  • Deploy Configurations on IOS devices using Telnetlib, Netmiko, Paramiko
  • Inspect HTTP Protocol Messages
  • Create, execute, and validate a Python script with an IDE
  • Explore and validate automation protocols
  • Perform a configuration change on an IOS XE device with the RESTCONF API
  • Perform a configuration change on an IOS XE device with the NETCONF API
  • Perform a configuration change on an ASA device with the REST API
  • Use Postman for deploying configuration on ASA-OS
  • Troubleshoot existing Python scripts with an IDE
  • Use Git for Version Control
  • Creating Ansible .cfg, hosts, and inventory Files
  • Creating and Executing Ansible Playbook for IOS Show commands
  • Backing up IOS Configuration using Ansible
  • Deploying Configuration using Ansible on Network Devices

How can you benefit from Python for Network Engineers + DevNet Associate(200-901) Training + Ansible Basics

Enterprises today are looking for professionals with a hybrid set of skills. They want to hire professionals who could automate their infrastructure and bring business innovations that leverage connectivity. Not just this, our placement team has a lot of calls every day from multiple companies/MNCs looking for a candidate with good networking and automation knowledge. From this, you can see demand for automation engineers everywhere.

Everyone is looking for network professionals with automating skills from medicine to retail, financial services to government, and insurance to manufacturing.

If you seek a salary hike, you have to learn Network Automation and match the skill required in today's network engineers' job description; a fair percentage of automation is present in every certification from Palo Alto, checkpoint to Cisco.

In such scenarios, your CCNA DevNet associate training will validate your skills to the hiring managers, making them hire you with open arms. You can reach out to our placement team to check out the latest opening available with multiple companies/MNCs.

Also, taking Python for Network Engineers + Cisco CCNA DevNet (200-901) + Ansible Basics training will boost your confidence, making you enter a Network Automation career as soon as possible.

  • Anyone passionate about pursuing a career as a Network Automation engineer as well as a DevNet developer can benefit from our customized DevNet Associate Training.
  • This training prepares you for the DEVASC 200 - 901 certification exam, and you learn how to handle the Network Automation tool.
  • Passing the DEVASC exam, one earns a Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification (CCNA DevNet) and industry recognition that translates into well-paid job opportunities.

And since this training program starts Python from scratch, anyone can take this certification training and grow their career by learning the most demanded skill of present as well as future. After the CCNA DevNet Training, you can move to CCNP DevNet Training.


Feedback from seshu-Kumar for PCNE,DEVNET,DEVCOR, SD-WAN course
Feedback from Harshen Suthar for Python + CCNA Devnet SD-WAN course


Placement assistance by PyNet Labs is for our existing students who take training from us and are looking for better career opportunities. We will guide you through resume writing, applying for unlimited job interviews, and keep you updated about infinite job openings. At the same time, you stay in touch directly with PyNet Labs' placement officer.

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SD-WAN ( software - defined networking)
Python+ Devnet Training- PyNet Labs

Students Review

  • "Excellent tutor and teaching method. Highly recommend."
    Olukayode Oni
    SpectraNet Limited
  • "Class was really interactive and content was good . Overall a really good experience All topics are nicely explained."
    Charmi Garg
    Bharti Airtel
  • PyNet labs is the best place to learn new technologies. For better reach in technologies as well as to be feasible in our career growth I recommend PyNet labs. Special thanks to Abhijit and Deepanshu who are there to guide us and help us in each and every part.
    Aripaka Kiran
    Synophic Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • I have completed my SDWAN course from PyNet Labs and it was really a great journey, it helped me lot to learn about overlay network. I cleared multiple interviews after completion of SDWAN course as its in demand and future of networking.
    Rakesh Choudhary
    Orange Business Services
  • It was great learning for me. Abhijit is very helpful & skillful trainer.
    Pryank Negi
  • I took SD-WAN training from PyNet and I would really like to thank PyNet & Abhijit (Trainer). Abhijit is very knowledgeable and he is very supportive. I would also recommend others for this training.
    Ruchik Kumar
    Orange Business Services
  • PyNet introduced me to labs. They are consistent, precise and straight on point. If you haven't tried them, you have missed a lot. Mr Abhijit, Deepansha, Nitish and the rest of the team, continue with that excellent work you are doing. You are the best among the best.
    Chola Kabaso
    Livingstone, Southern, Zambia
  • I would like to thanks the complete team of PyNet Labs (Mr. Deepanshu, Mr. Nitish & Mr. Abhijit). It was a great & useful learning on SD-WAN. The trainer Mr. Abhijit Bakale was incredibly knowledgeable & supportive. There way of teaching was very effective. I would definitely recommend this my co-workers as well as my friends.
    Dev Chouhan
    Ananda livemore
  • Hi All, I attended online SD-WAN Training from PyNet Labs and this is awesome. Even a person without having SD-WAN knowledge can easily Implement SD-WAN solution after this training. Labs are very effective and it is step by step procedure with clear explanation. We will be working on SDWAN in real time, but some concepts may not clear. But here u will come to know very basic and this is added value for Network engineer. Thank you, complete team!!!
  • The trainer and the management at PyNet labs are awesome..... You get assistance even after your batch is over.... You can reach out to them for your doubts any time. Highly recommended!
    Tarun Choudhary
  • I will enroll again. I am completely confident configuring SDWAN fabrics. Nice lab environment and experiences.
    Almazan, Philippines
  • Abhijit unleash all the concepts to get Devnet associate exam. I am glad that I took this course from PyNet. Looking to connect to PyNet soon for Cisco DEVCOR.
    Anuj Jain
  • Awesome trainer with up to date content. This really helped me to kick start my automation journey. Python baba ki jai.
    Vaibhav Mullick
    Software One


As you are a fresher, we recommend you first go with CCNA training and then take PyNet Labs' Python for Network Engineers + DevNet Associate (200-901) + Ansible Basics training.
Currently, we are offering DevNet Associate Training online via Microsoft Teams. You do not need to have an MS Teams account; you can directly join us with a guest
Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet (200-901) + Ansible Basics will prepare you for the automation tasks that can be involved in a Network Engineers' standard job requirements. Today enterprises are looking for professionals with a hybrid skillset. They want their networking team to automate their infrastructure, and DevNet Associate is the first step to learning Network Automation. Also, this training prepares you for the DEVASC 200 - 901 certification exams that could land you well-paid job opportunities.

And our dedicated placement team will always be in direct connection with you as we provide placement assistance with this course training for freshers as well as experienced network engineers.
If you miss any live session with Abhijit, we will make sure you have a recording available for the same, but if you are about to miss the whole course due to shift change or any personal family reasons, we will shift you to any other fresh batch.
Yes, you will get reading materials like DevNet Associate ebook, Network Automation ebook, Yang Data Models ebook, class training PDFs, Python Scripts, and lifetime access to recorded training videos.
If you want to get the CCNA DevNet lab set up in your system, then you need a PC with 8GB RAM, but as we have added Ansible to our training, it takes a minimum of 12-16 GB of RAM
Yes, if you have a basic understanding of Routing and Switching or CCNA, you are eligible for this training. It's fine if you are new to Python and Ansible, as we will cover it from scratch.
For the DevNet Associate training, you won't require to take lab access; we will help every participant set up the lab on their PC.
Yes, you will get a course completion certificate with a unique Certificate ID.
You can speak to our training advisor at +91-9821215002, and you can pay the training fees and block your seat.
Yes, you can discuss the same with your Python + Ansible + DevNet Associate training advisor at PyNet Labs and ask for a 5% discount.
Yes, we have a dedicated team and a telegram channel where we keep sharing job openings; you can apply directly from there if your skillset matches the criteria.
Yes, you can access the recordings of your class, and they will be available for a lifetime.
In the Weekdays batch, we try to keep a maximum of 12 participants, and in the weekends batch, we try to keep a maximum of 15 participants.
Yes, of course, you can take it. You can ask for any two previous DevNet Associate Training recordings. Check out PyNet Labs' CCIE DevNet Training.
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