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Cisco DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901) certification training and its scope

Ever since Cisco has updated its associate-level certifications and introduced the latest tracks to it, CCNA and DevNet Associate (DEVASC) has been the hot topic to talk about, as these are now only available Associate certification offered by Cisco along with CyberOps.  

Cisco DevNet Associate certification, also known as 200-901 DEVASC (Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms), consists of fundamental DevNet training on Cisco platforms and development, application development and security, and infrastructure and automation.  

To become a Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, you must take DEVASC training and pass the certification exam, which is 120 minutes long available in English and Japanese Language.  

Scope of Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (200-901) Certifications  

This certification is for both software developers and Network Engineers as it allows engineers to gain skills to automate enterprise Infrastructure and developers to bring business innovations. A professional with both qualities match the enterprises’ requirements today, looking for engineers with a hybrid skillset.  

We can say that this Cisco certification training provides software developers and network professionals with a dedicated path to understanding programmability and network infrastructure. And we can assume the number of job roles available will always be greater than DEVASC 200-901 certified professionals worldwide.  

Job roles after DEVASC 200-901 training and certification  

A DEVASC certification training is for anyone seeking to work as a developer who has hands-on experience building applications on top of Cisco platforms. Apart from them, software developers, application developers, network engineers, and students can opt for DEVASC certification training and jobs in DevNet.  

A few major job roles on which you will land upon after this certification training are,  

  • Network Automation Engineer.  
  • Application Developer  
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)  
  • Junior SRE  
  • Software Developer  
  • Automation Specialists.  

Prerequisites for DevNet Associate Training and Certification  

The candidates taking up the course training or exam must have,     

  • Beginner level skill to handle a computer.    
  • Basic navigation skills of PC operating system    
  • Must know how to use the Internet    
  • Should be familiar with a programming language (specifically Python)    

Note: Network Professionals, as well as students out of the IT field, do not know Python or any other programming languages. So, PyNet Labs has come up with Python for Cisco Network Engineer + DevNet Associate training. This certification training allows aspirants to learn Python from scratch, and moving forward, it becomes easier for them to learn and practice DEVASC.  

Why choose PyNet Labs for DEVASC training?  

The significant benefits of taking DEVASC training from PyNet Labs are,  

  • You get to learn Python from scratch.   
  • Training from expert trainer having 10+ years of industrial experience.  
  • Hands-on lab scenarios  
  • We follow Cisco’s course outline for DEVASC training.  
  • Training recordings are available for every class.  
  • Study materials and PPTs for free.  
  • 40 hours of training.  
  • Doubt solving sessions after class in a private telegram group.  

You know that you can have DEVASC jobs in India by taking DevNet associate training as you possess skills for the next-generation network engineer. PyNet Labs also provides other Cisco DevNet certification training like DEVCOR (DevNet Core Certification) and DEVIOT (DevNet Concentration Certification).  

So, the wait is over. Join PyNet Labs and learn DevNet technologies now to become a Cisco Certified DevNet Associate.  

For online Python + Network Automation + DEVASC training at PyNet Labs, we are announcing the dates of the new batches. Check our batches schedule below,

devasc batch schedule

Python + NA + DEVSAC (weekday and weekend) course Training schedule for the batches starting in the month of March

FAQs related to Python + NA + DEVASC Course training from PyNet Labs   

Q. 1 What are the Network Automation tools used during Python + NA + DEVASC Training?  

Enrolling with PyNet Lab, you work on the best Network Automation tools like, Netmiko and True sight automation, and more.  

Q.2. Should I take CCNA training before DevNet Associate training?   

CCNA knowledge is mandatory before DEVASC training and you can learn CCNA for free at PyNet Labs. Subcribe to our Youtube channel and start learning CCNA for Free.

Q.3 What does the DEVASC 200-901 exam costs?  

The exam cost for DEVASC certification is 300 USD + Taxes. The tax rate may differ from country-to-country.  

Q.4 What If I missed my online class?  

If you missed your online classes at PyNet Labs, we would provide you with the recordings of that particular class. 

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