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Blog featured image with text how to start a cybersecurity career in India and showing a person with laptop looking like a hacker.

How to Start a Cybersecurity Career in India?

Introduction A cybersecurity career stands out as one of the best and is in demand worldwide. As our digital landscape grows increasingly, data, systems, and networks are needed to be protected from cyber threats. The realm of Cybersecurity can bring about changes in one’s life in many ways. It presents a challenging and captivating career […]
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Featured Image with text what is OSI Model in Computer Networks and an image of OSI Model layers

What is OSI Model in Computer Network?

Introduction OSI model or Open Systems Interconnection model serves as a framework that explains the process of information transfer, i.e., from one computer’s software application to another computer through a medium. It was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1984. It is now widely acknowledged as an architecture model for inter-computer communication. […]
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Blog featured image with What is DHCP Snooping text and its working

What is DHCP Snooping?

Introduction The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol that enables devices to obtain IP addresses and other network configuration details from a server. DHCP simplifies IP addresses as well as reduces the need for configuration. However, it also introduces security risks, such as DHCP spoofing and DHCP starvation. To safeguard the network […]
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A blog featured image with text - What is a MAC Address and an image of MAC Address

What is MAC (Media Access Control) Address?

Introduction A MAC address, also known as a Media Access Control address, is an identifier given to a network interface controller (NIC) in a device that communicates through a network. MAC addresses have uses, including filtering, routing, security, and identifying devices. In this blog, we will explain the MAC address and its purpose. We will […]
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Blog featured image with text What is ICMP Protocol and an image showcasing ICMP working

What is ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)?

Introduction The Internet is a web of interconnected devices that communicate using protocols. One such protocol is the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), which helps network devices diagnose communication issues. ICMP protocol plays a significant role in determining whether the data is reaching its intended destination on time or not. Typically, routers and other network […]
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A Blog featured image showing What is AD Value in Networking and a meter from 0 to 255.

What is AD Value in Networking?

Introduction One of the most important concepts in routing is administrative distance (AD). AD is a metric that determines the reliability or trustworthiness of a routing source. With the help of AD value, routers can easily choose the best route among multiple routes to the same destination. In this blog, we will explain the concept […]
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A blog featured Image showing a topology of Secure Shell Working with text what is SSH in networking

What is SSH (Secure Shell) in Networking?

Introduction If you want to control a server or machine that is physically inaccessible, you need to communicate with it remotely. However, not all remote strategies are stable and secure. For example, older protocols like Telnet or rlogin ship your commands and passwords in simple text, which can effortlessly be intercepted by means of hackers […]
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A blog featured Image showing a topology of Variable Length Subnet Mask

What is VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Mask)?

Introduction The Internet is a vast network where a number of devices are connected with the help of IP or Internet Protocol. IP addresses are numerical identifiers that are used to uniquely identify each device that is available inside the network. As we all have seen, the internet is growing exponentially day by day, resulting […]
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A blog Featured image with text- Difference between EIGRP and RIP showing their topologies

Difference between EIGRP and RIP

Introduction In a network, routers communicate with one another via different routing protocols available. Routing protocols help routers in order to choose the best path to a destination and also maintain the routing table. There are several types of routing protocols each with different functionalities, some of which are path vector, link state, and distance […]
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What is Cisco Express Forwarding Featured Image showing CEF working topology.

What is Cisco Express Forwarding?

Introduction You might have heard of CEF if you are working closely with network switches and routers. Cisco Express Forwarding or CEF is an advanced layer 3 switching technology that is used particularly in large networks or the Internet in order to enhance the overall performance of the network. CEF is a kind of feature […]
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Blog Featured image showing what is EtherChannel in networking with its topology

What is EtherChannel in Networking?

Introduction Have you ever faced a scenario where you want more bandwidth than what your network link can provide? Or have you ever experienced a network outage because of a single link failure? If yes, then you are probably interested in EtherChannel. It is a port link aggregation technology that groups together more than one physical […]
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A blog Featured image showcasing the Difference between Routing and Routed Protocols.

Difference between Routing and Routed Protocols

Introduction Routing and routed protocols are two critical principles in computer networking that confuse many students. Both are associated with the network layer of the OSI model, which is responsible for offering logical addressing and routing packets across different networks. Both have specific features and traits. In this blog, we will explain routing protocol vs […]
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