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sd-wan interview questions

Top 15 Cisco Viptela SD-WAN Interview Questions and Answers

These SD-WAN interview questions are curated by the combined efforts of some of the leading recruiters and SD-WAN technology leaders.
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How to become a Network Engineer?

How to Become a Network Engineer in 2022? 

With every passing year, the paradigm of the Network Engineering profession is evolving, and today we can witness this industry as the hub of new technologies and employment opportunities. So, what exactly is a Network Engineer and Network Engineering?
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What is a SD-WAN

What is a SD-WAN, how does it work and its benefits?

The full form of SD-WAN is Software-defined Wide Area Network. A model that is based out of SDN (Software-Defined Networking). SDN is the networking architecture that separates the network’s control plane from the forwarding plane (Data Plane), where a control plane controls several devices.
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Network Automation Tools

Top Networking Automation Tools for 2022

Network Automation tools can help enterprises go a long way in keeping their network agile, secure, and updated. learn about the best 5 tools in this blog and the benefits of using them.
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components of Cisco ACI

What are the three main components of Cisco ACI?  

Before discussing the components of Cisco ACI, it is crucial to understand why ACI was introduced in the first place when we already had SDN technology with us, which was robust, with a simple mechanism to control and manage devices in the entire network from one centralized plane.  
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Difference between SD-WAN and Traditional WAN

What is the difference between SD-WAN and Traditional WAN?

Whether your organization is still relying on Traditional WAN, has switched entirely to SD-WAN solutions, or implementing some combination of the two, here's what you need to know about these two technologies.  
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Cisco DevNet Certifications

Cisco DevNet Certifications – Important points you need to know!

Cisco DevNet certifications was recently announced by Cisco that focuses on modern networking concepts, like automation and software. It is designed for software developers as well as for network professionals to optimize and write applications for the new network and choose the technology skills they want to develop.
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How do I get Devnet Certified

How do I get DevNet Certified? 7 Good Reasons to Pursue Newly Launched DevNet Track

When Cisco first announced the up-gradation of its certifications, the DevNet track launched with an associate and professional-level certification connecting software with IT infrastructure. In the beginning, the Cisco DevNet certifications exam was confusing to most, as no other certification could validate skills in network automation along with developing and maintaining applications built on Cisco platforms.   
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Cisco ACI work

How does Cisco ACI work? Top 8 Facts About Cisco ACI training.

After 2013 – the year Cisco ACI Solution was introduced- the complete networking landscape changed. Managing networks and adapting to new models became an essential skill for network professionals, and that's why people in the networking field are expected to be well versed with this technology.  
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Cisco Packet Tracer

What is Cisco Packet Tracer, how to download, install and use it?

Cisco Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation and visualization tool by Cisco to practice networking, IoT, and cybersecurity skills. The virtual learning environment comes in handy to learn courses, professional training, work planning, and so on.  
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Configure Cisco Router

How do I configure a Cisco Router?

Configure Cisco Router - Router, an essential network device that connects two or more packet-switched networks or subnetworks, is something that every network engineer must become familiar with.  
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Cisco certification in demand

What Cisco Certification is most in demand?

Cisco certifications in demand - Cisco, the networking giant, has three certification levels - associate, professional, and expert under multiple technological areas such as Enterprise, Security, Data Center, DevNet, Service Provider, and Collaboration.  
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