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Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

While attending a job interview, one should have the confidence and the clarity to crack it effortlessly. This handpicked collection of the top 10 cyber security interview questions and answers for a cyber-security job interview aims to help you prepare effectively for your next cyber security job interview. However, depending on the scope of the […]
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who is eligible for devops

Who is eligible for DevOps? - Unlocking the Secrets to Success

DevOps is a rapidly growing field that combines software development and IT operations. It aims to improve collaboration and communication between development and operations teams, which can result in faster and more efficient software delivery. As companies look to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world, the demand for DevOps professionals is on an all-time […]
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Is DevNet Same as DevOps?

Is DevNet same as DevOps?

When people learn about DevNet and DevOps, they often confuse them with being the same. Do you also feel DevNet and DevOps are the same? Let's clear your doubts by answering the question, Is DevNet same as DevOps? In today's fast-paced technology landscape, it can be challenging to keep up with all the latest trends […]
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Network Automation Using DevOps Cover

Network Automation Using DevOps

Network automation has become an increasingly important aspect of modern IT operations. As organizations strive to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase agility, network automation using DevOps methodologies and tools has emerged as a powerful solution. To comprehend network automation with Devops, a network engineer must go through DevOps for Network Engineer training. In this […]
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Cisco Certification Updates

A Guide to Cisco Certification Updates

Recently, Cisco unveiled a new certification roadmap that would be reviewed on a rotating schedule. Cisco has instituted a new exam review system in which they will analyse and update Official Cert Guides and other certification titles yearly. So, in this blog we will take a look at all the Cisco Certification Updates. Cisco updates […]
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Is CCNP harder than CCNA

Is CCNP Harder than CCNA?

Cisco's CCNA and CCNP certifications are two of the most widely recognized and respected certifications in the field of network engineering. Both certifications are designed to test the knowledge and skills of network professionals, but they are not created equal. One of the most common questions asked by those considering Cisco certification is whether the […]
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What is NETCONF?

The Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) is a filtering-capable XML-based protocol for network management. It offers fully programmable means of controlling and configuring the operation of networking equipment. You can set the device parameters, get the parameter values, and obtain statistical information using it. Furthermore, it shortens the time allotted for managing the setup of network […]
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Difference between Encryption and Hashing

What is the difference between Encryption and Hashing?

When it comes to data security, hashing and encryption are the two most crucial foundational operations. Both of these techniques transform the raw data into an entirely different format. The terms Hashing and Encryption are often used in the domain of data security, but do you know what is the difference between encryption and hashing? […]
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Can I do DevOps after CCNA

Can I do DevOps after CCNA?

"Can I do DevOps after CCNA Training?" is one of network engineers' most frequently asked questions as the networking industry moves toward advanced technologies. Before getting into further details on whether you can go for DevOps or not after CCNA, let’s understand the basics of CCNA. The CCNA program is designed to validate an individual's […]
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DHCP with IPv6

DHCP with IPv6

The configuration becomes increasingly difficult to understand as the network grows in size and complexity. Additionally, there is a dramatic growth in the number of computers and mobile devices (such as portable laptops or wireless terminals), leading to frequent IP address changes and a lack of available IP resources. Network managers often utilize Dynamic Host […]
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What is Multicast Communication

Multicast Communication

Before starting about multicast, we have to understand why we need multicast communication and what possible challenges we can face without multicast communication. In this blog, we will cover how multicasting works and how the data is processed in multicast communication, its advantages, multicast forwarding, and everything you need to know about it. Multicast is […]
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Python Interview Questions

Top 5 Python Interview Questions recommended by Cisco Networking Academy for Network Engineers

The Cisco Networking Academy have posted a list of 5 Python Interview Questions that are most common in any Python related interview. Cisco Networking Academy is a global initiative that equips people of all ages with the digital skills they need to succeed in today's economy. They also design courses to allow network engineers to […]
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