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Top 10 Short Term Job Oriented Courses

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: March 27, 2024 
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If are you one of those who have passed 12th or graduation and are looking for a good job, but you do not have expertise in any field, then this blog is for you.

Finding a job after graduation is not an easy task in the current scenario, as almost every employer wants candidates who have specific knowledge and skills to perform the duties in their organization. Therefore, to fight this battle there are many short term job oriented courses for the candidates that provide the necessary skills and immediate entry into the workforce. Nowadays, candidates are taking online or offline training for short term job oriented courses that validate them for their specific jobs and bridge the skill gap to get the right job opportunity.

In this blog, we will provide information about various in-demand short term courses with job guarantee that students can take in 2024. However, before that, let us understand the true meaning of short-term courses.

What are Short Term Job Oriented Courses?

Short Term Job Oriented Courses including some offered as “job guarantee courses“, are training programs that provide skills to candidates with guidance to get a job within a few weeks or months. In other words, these courses provide proper guidance to the candidates for specific career options and increase their chances of getting job opportunities. Additionally, these courses come with excellent career prospects and salary potential after the degree.

Short Term Courses with Job Guarantee

Let us now know the best 10 short term job oriented courses.

1. Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing course is one of the most trending short-term courses that provides skills to become a master in this field. With this course, students will adapt skills like social media marketing, web development, web analytics, mobile and email marketing, and much more. The length of this course is 2/3 months. Every organization wants marketing professionals with the right knowledge, skills, and certification in digital marketing to validate all the necessary expertise to make a career in this field.

Salary: The starting salary of a Digital Marketing Manager ranges from 2.5 LPA to 4.5 LPA (with experience).

2. Data Analytics Course & Data Science Course

This short-term course will give students ways to understand all the existing data on every form of business. As this field is in high demand among leading companies, this is why there has been a 78% increase in new data science and analytics jobs advertised per month. This course provides candidates with skills like Microsoft Excel, Data Visualization, Structured Query Language (SQL), Machine Learning and more. The duration of a Data Science course is 6 months.

Salary: The starting salary of a data analyst in India ranges from 3.6 LPA to 8 LPA.

3. Networking Courses

The demand for network engineers is increasing day by day in every type of enterprise. This course on networking teaches the concepts of implementing, designing and enhancing network infrastructure. Many reputed training institutes like PyNet Labs offer short term courses with job guarantee like CCNA, CCNP (ENCOR+ENARSI) and others. The duration of networking courses is 3 months, and candidates will learn routing and switching, designing, implementation and other skills.

Salary: The starting salary of a Network Engineer is 2.7 LPA to 3.5 LPA.

4. SEO Course

Next in the list of short term job oriented courses are the SEO course. SEO courses teach skills that help candidates discover their ability to coordinate with marketing strategy effectively. Candidates should keep themselves updated by learning the advanced tools, techniques and concepts while gaining practical experience via interactive projects and labs. From this course, candidates will learn the following skills understanding website buildup, site speed optimization, website SEO audit, keyword research and mapping, competitive analysis and more in a duration of 2 months.

Salary: The starting salary of SEO experts ranges from 2 LPA to 4 LPA.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is the most demanded course, and almost everyone is going to adopt Artificial Intelligence to make the operations of their organization effective. However, there is a shortage of skilled staff to implement AI, so this course provides candidates with the skills to bridge the shortage and make a good career in the future. The skills that candidates will learn from this Course in AI and Machine Learning are Data Engineering, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Language Processing and more, and the average duration of this course is 4 weeks.

Salary: In India, the starting salary of data engineers ranges between 3 LPA and 8.5 LPA.

6. Network Security Course

With the increasing development of digitalization, the threat of cyber threats is also increasing. Therefore, this course has been developed to protect the network, data and computers from damage, attack and unauthorized access to protect against these challenges. This course helps candidates identify vulnerabilities and resolve issues quickly by providing them with skills like cloud security, reverse engineering, programming skills, email security and much more. Training institutes provide network security courses like SCOR, FTD etc., and the duration of this course is 1 to 2 months.

Salary: The starting salary of Network Security in India ranges between 3LPA to 5.5LPA.

7. Full Stack Developer Course

Next in the list of short term job oriented courses are the Full Stack Developer course. This course teaches candidates to support any frontend and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users by providing them with skills on how to build applications. Full-stack developers are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one or more backend languages that perform the roles of both the front end and back end of an application or a website. The duration of the Full Stack Developer course is approximately 6 months.

Candidates will learn a wide range of skills, including backend technologies and frameworks like Node.js, Python, and PHP/Ruby; design skills; frontend technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript; databases like MongoDB, MySQL, VCS and APIs; and much more.

Salary: The starting salary of an entry-level full-stack developer starts from 2.5 to 7 LPA per year.

8. Web Development Course

Web development course is one of those short-term courses with job guarantee that is full of exciting opportunities with the best jobs in India. This course ranges from electronic businesses to social network services as all brands are establishing their market online. The duration of this course is 2 to 3 months, and this course provides skills like User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), coding languages including HTML and CSS, backend web programming languages like C# or Java, PHP, Ruby, Visual design, and much more.

Salary: The starting salary of a web developer in India ranges from 1.2LPA to 7.5LPA with an average of 3 LPA.

9. Cloud Computing Course

Next in the list of short term job oriented courses are the Cloud Computing course. In today’s scenario, businesses are rapidly adopting cloud technologies. Hence, there is a need for skilled professionals who can benefit from AWS, Azure, GCP and many other cloud platforms. Therefore, this short-term course provides candidates with essential knowledge such as deployment, architecture, security and management, making them well-equipped for roles in cloud infrastructure and services. The duration of this course is 1 to 2 months, and students learn the following skills: programming languages, database management skills, Linux, DevOps and more.

Salary: The starting salary of a cloud engineer is 2.5 LPA to 4 LPA.

10. Ethical Hacking Course

The last one in the list of short term courses with job guarantee is an Ethical Hacking course. Since we are dependent on technology, it is difficult to protect our data from being hacked by unauthorized people. Therefore, this course makes the candidates experts and provides them with the benefits of protecting sensitive data from attackers and strengthening the security system. This course helps in learning skills like ethical hacking, mobile and wireless hacking, website security, website hacking and much more.

Some institutes like PyNet Labs also offer ethical hacking courses like CEH, Web Application and Penetration Testing, Linux Fundamentals Course, etc. and the average time to study this course is 3 to 4 weeks.

Starting: The starting salary for an ethical hacker in India is 3 LPA- 4 LPA.

These are the top 10 short term job oriented courses. You can choose any of these to start your career in the respected field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Can I get a job with a short-term course certificate?

Yes, there are many jobs that you can get with a short-term course certificate because the certificate not only helps you get a job but also helps you improve your skills, which can help in promotion.

Q2 – How many months is the short course?

Short-term courses are certificate programs whose duration is short, i.e., 3-6 months.

Q3 – What are the advantages of short courses?

  Advantages of short-term courses:

  • A quick way to learn new skills
  • Cost-effective
  • Caters to specific career needs
  • Helps to upskill
  • Looks great on the CV
  • Usually flexible

Q4 – Which course is best for high-paying jobs?

Courses in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Business Analytics can able you to earn better salaries in India.


These are some of the top short term job oriented courses to get a job. With these courses, if candidates acquire the required skills and can use them accurately, then they will get great career opportunities with high salaries in India in the future. These career-oriented courses also help in enhancing the skills required for the job market in a short period with less investment of money.

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