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Top 10 Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: April 8, 2024 
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Are you a graduate but lack the specific skills to get a job? If yes, this blog is for you because we will explore the top 10 job oriented courses after graduation. In this competitive scenario, a bachelor’s degree alone is not enough to get a well-paid job, as now every employer wants skilled professionals who can perform their duties efficiently. It is the main reason people gain knowledge and strengthen their skills by enrolling in job guaranteed courses after graduation to secure their career path.

However, students are confused when choosing a course, i.e., which course allows them to get a job with a good salary package and which suits their interests? In this blog, we will learn about some in-demand and trending job guarantee courses that have a great future after graduation.

So, if you want to acquire skills and knowledge that can get you a prestigious job with a good salary, you can consider the following job oriented courses after graduation.

Job Oriented Courses after Graduation

Here are some courses that are considered the pinnacle when you search for Job guaranteed courses after graduation in India –


Networking is one of the well-paid and most stable domains, rapidly promoted by advanced technology. Nowadays, due to the massive demand for network engineers, students show more interest in it after graduation. Students who enroll in networking courses learn skills to design, implement, and maintain networks for optimal performance.

PyNet Labs is a renowned training institute that offers job guarantee courses after graduation and strengthens students’ network engineering skills, allowing them to manage the foundation of an organization’s IT networking infrastructure. For better results, PyNet Labs offers a combination of courses that help students meet the demand in the competitive industry.

Here are a few courses:

  • For Freshers/Experienced: CCNA, CCNP (ENCOR + ENARSI) – Network Expert
  • For Freshers/Experienced: CCNA, CCNP (ENCOR + ENARSI) + Python and CCNA DevNet – Network and Automation Expert
  • For Freshers/Experienced: CCNA, CCNP (ENCOR + ENARSI) + Cisco Viptela SDWAN – Advanced Network Expert

These courses thoroughly acquaint students with practical skills that open doors to a world of many job opportunities.

Job Roles: Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Engineer, Network Technician, Technical Support Engineer, etc.

Starting Salary: 3.0 LPA to 4.0 LPA

Mass communication

Nowadays, mass communication is one of the famous fields that offers wide career opportunities for skilled candidates in advertising, news gathering and reporting, event management, corporate communication, public relations, and other fields. It not only provides a high salary but also job satisfaction and the opportunity to express creativity.

Students from any educational background can enroll in these courses and make a career in the vast field of mass communication. These courses help individuals learn the skills needed for success in the media industry. These Job Oriented courses after Graduation teach communication and management skills such as mass media content creation, qualitative and quantitative research methods, visual and graphic communication, etc.

Job roles: Journalist, News Media Director, Marketing Director, Web Content Specialist, Web Producer, etc.

Starting Salary: 3 LPA to 5 LPA

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts are broad domains that allow businesses or clients to analyze market risks and provide information on where to invest. These Job oriented courses after graduation provide individuals with skills that allow them to secure career paths in finance and accounting. Students gain knowledge and skills such as financial reporting, analytical skills, time management, cash flow management, and many others.

With this course, students can learn to use financial software, such as enterprise resource planning software, which helps them make calculations, organize data, and compile financial statements. Additionally, gaining experience and staying updated with trends opens many job opportunities with better salaries.

Job roles: Finance analysts, Auditors, Finance associates, Advising directors, Bookkeepers etc.

Starting Salary: 3.5LPA to 6 LPA

Network Security

As we all know, the rate of cyber-attacks is increasing. As organizations adopt technology, cyber-attacks are also affecting their sensitive information and digital assets. Therefore, to protect their confidential data, organizations look for skilled network security engineers who have a strong understanding of network security principles, network protocols and familiarity with networking components.

PyNet Labs is known for providing the best training with its highly sought-after courses that help students excel in this field by offering CCNP Security (SCOR) course. This course strengthens skills such as network security protocols, VPNs, firewalls and other security technologies that allow students to design and implement robust business solutions.

Job Roles: Network Security Engineer, Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst, Security Consultant, Information Security Analyst, Network Security Administrator, Security Architect, etc.

Starting Salary: 4.0 LPA to 6.0 LPA

Machine Learning

Next in the list of top Job Oriented courses after Graduation is Machine Learning. In the current scenario, every suggestion someone gets on their specific apps is due to machine learning, which is why there is a growing demand for this domain, which allows individuals to make a fruitful career. Machine Learning is one of the job guaranteed courses after graduation where students enroll the most as it develops skills and provides various well-paying positions.

This course helps students understand basic principles and skills like Python, R, ML algorithm selection, cross-validation, etc. It allows individuals to work with machine learning platforms to create programs and solve issues. Machine Learning platforms like Amazon Sagemaker, KNIME Analytics Platform, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, etc.

Job roles: Machine learning engineer, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineer, Big Data engineer, Research Scientist, etc.

Starting salary: 3.6 LPA to 7 LPA

Digital Marketing

The advertising methods have also changed with technology as the product is now promoted on digital platforms to reach people. The digital marketing domain requires skills, knowledge, experience and, most importantly, persistence, which is why it is one of the trending job oriented courses after graduation.

This course helps students acquire skills like SEO, social media, SEM, Content Creation, etc. and makes them aware of the latest technologies and tools. Getting the proper knowledge and skills in digital marketing is essential to validate all the necessary expertise to get a prestigious job with a good salary.

Job roles: Digital marketer, SEO manager, project manager, marketing analyst, etc.

Starting Salary: 3 LPA to 5 LPA


Nowadays, one of the most popular domains in IT security is that it provides excellent salaries and makes individuals’ careers successful. However, there is a growing need for more qualified and skilled cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, these job oriented courses after graduation allow individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge to understand programming languages and tools.

PyNet Labs also offers cyber security courses like CEH, Linux Fundamentals Course, Web Application and Penetration Testing (WAPT), etc. These courses help students understand cyber security concepts and methodology, ethical hacking capabilities like simulation and penetration testing, and handling complex network architectures.

Job roles: Cyber security engineer, Penetration Tester, Security Architecture, Cryptographer, etc.

Starting Salary: 3 LPA- 4 LPA

Full-Stack Development Course

Next in the list of top job oriented courses after graduation is Full Stack Development. Currently, many organizations are creating their unique online presence through their websites. This domain is continuously growing like never before, thereby increasing the demand for skilled full-stack developers. With these courses, students gain front-end and back-end skills, like designing backend APIs and customizing front-end code in languages like HTML, Java, etc.

Students also gain a good knowledge of all the tools and technologies used to create various applications or websites. Additionally, they learn user interface, user experience, and design patterns for better customer experience. These developmental job guaranteed courses after graduation provide students with relevant skills required in this competitive world and make them well-equipped for better job opportunities.

Job roles: Backend developer, Web Developer, Full Stack Architect, DevOps Engineer, etc.

Starting Salary: 3LPA to 5.5 LPA

Mobile App Development

Nowadays, we use many mobile applications for almost every service, which has resulted in an increase in the demand for mobile application developers, making it one of the most sought-after domains in the IT industry. Mobile app development courses make students proficient in HTML and CSS, C/C++SQL, Python, and many other programming languages.

Many training institutes provide mobile app development courses with assured job offers and provide students with skills like UI/UX design principles for mobile apps, security best practices in mobile development, familiarity with mobile development IDEs, etc. With these courses, students create engaging apps and harness the full potential of mobile platforms to drive business growth and user engagement.

Job roles: Mobile app developer, Mobile app designer, Mobile app project manager, Android Software Developer, Senior App Developer, etc.

Starting Salary: 3LPA to 5LPA

Cloud computing

In today’s market, all enterprises adopt cloud computing to save resources and time with the help of experts, which allows organizations to avoid high investments and provides effective disaster recovery solutions. With cloud computing job oriented courses after graduation, students gain the knowledge and skills to design and deploy cloud solutions and improve the cloud infrastructure that operates virtual machines.

PyNet Labs is one of the top training institutes that offers the best Microsoft Azure cloud courses with a job guarantee program that allows students to build a secure career path. These Microsoft Azure courses, like AZ900 and AZ104, help students master all the skills needed to make a successful career in this field. PyNet Labs provides training that helps students gain practical experience to tackle real-world challenges.

Job roles: Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Data Engineer, etc.

Starting Salary: 3 LPA to 5LPA

These are the top 10 job oriented courses after graduation that can help students secure a job and skills that can provide a fruit-full career. You can choose any of these courses based on your area of Interest and start your journey towards success. There are many Institutes that provide these Job Guaranteed courses after graduation in various fields, do research and find the best one before enrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Why do we need job-oriented courses?

We need to be job-oriented to develop technical skills and industry knowledge for a specific job we can choose based on our interests and objectives.

Q2 – Which skills will be most in demand in the coming years?

There are some in-demand skills:

  • Digital journalism
  • Networking
  • Video production
  • Social Media
  • Mobile application development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Project management

Q3 – Which is the best job guarantee course in India?

Here are some of the best job-guaranteed courses in India –

  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Network Engineer
  • Full Stack Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Developer
  • Data Science

Q4 – Why is it essential to choose a promising career?

Choosing a promising career is essential as it provides personal satisfaction, a sense of purpose and financial stability.


The job oriented courses after graduation we have discussed help individuals build a successful career after graduation. Still, it is important to know one’s interests, strengths and passion before choosing any of these. Students get lots of well-paid job opportunities with their qualifications and efforts and make secure career paths.

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