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SNMP In Computer Networks Featured Image

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

Introduction Over the last decade, the development of wireless networking has accelerated the rapid expansion of computer networks. Meanwhile, network management challenges, such as managing complex networks of routers, servers, or switches, have become much more complex as a result of this expansion. This is where SNMP comes into action. SNMP in computer networks was […]
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Difference between Active Attack and Passive Attack Featured Image

Difference between Active Attack and Passive Attack

Introduction Clearly, the Internet is one of the most significant innovations of our time. It has simplified our life in more ways than we can even count. This development has similarly exposed us to a wide variety of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity attacks pose a greater threat to all that is part of the Internet. Cybersecurity threats […]
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What is LAN Featured Image

What is LAN (Local Area Network)?

Introduction A computer network is a digital network that provides a central connection point for several computers and other computing devices. There are different types of computer networks, each of which may be classified according to the scale of their operations and purpose. One of the most common types of computer networks is LAN. But […]
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TCP/IP Interview Questions and Answers Featured Image

TCP/IP Interview Questions and Answers

Introduction TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is a set of rules that governs how data is transmitted and received over a network. It is one of the most widely used protocols that allows communication between different devices across various networks. Jobs in this field often need a thorough understanding of TCP/IP. In […]
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IPv6 Address Types Featured Image

What are different IPv6 Address Types?

Introduction The Internet Protocol (IP) address provides a unique identifier that is allocated to each device that is connected to the Internet. It allows communication and information sharing among multiple devices. IPv4 has a limit of 4.3 billion addresses. This limit, however, has been reached and depleted as more and more devices are connected to […]
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BGP in Computer Networks Featured Image

What is BGP in Computer Networks?

Introduction There are many different routing protocols used in computer networks that allow communication between various devices. BGP in computer networks is one of the most important protocols used to exchange data between different AS (Autonomous Systems). It's the standard protocol for communication between ISPs and also between businesses and ISPs. BGP contains complete routing […]
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What is Routing Table Featured Image

What is Routing Table in Networking?

Introduction Routing is a fundamental concept in the field of data communication networks. Routing allows the transmission of data from a specific source address to a designated destination address across a network that is interconnected. Routing takes place at the network layer, specifically Layer 3, within the framework of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference […]
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Networking Companies in India Featured Image

Top Networking Companies In India

Introduction The scope of IT companies has been expanded due to networking. Networking is the backbone of any modern business, enabling communication, collaboration, and data sharing among employees, customers, and partners. Innovations in the networking industry have brought about a revolution in business practices. Almost all networking companies in India are reacting quickly and effectively […]
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Future of IT Industry in India Featured Image

The Future of IT Industry in India

Introduction If someone thinks India’s IT sector has reached its full potential, they are wrong. IT industry not only expands in India and throughout the globe but also will overtake other industries. The future of IT industry in India is bright as there has been a lot going on, such as the introduction and implementation […]
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Difference Between DoS and DDoS Attack Featured Image

Difference Between DoS and DDoS Attacks

Introduction The modern age of technology is seeing a rise in the number of cyber-attacks, with DoS and DDoS attacks being the most popular forms of such attacks. The purpose of such attacks is to cause a website or network to become unavailable to its intended users by flooding it with an excessive amount of […]
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RSTP Protocol Featured Image

RSTP - Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol Explained

Introduction One of the challenges of network switching is to avoid loops in the network topology. Loops can cause problems such as broadcast storms, multiple frame copies, and MAC address table instability. To prevent loops, switches use a protocol called Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). STP creates a logical tree structure of the network by blocking […]
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Top Networking Interview Questions and Answers Featured Image

Basic Networking Interview Questions and Answers

Introduction Nowadays, the Internet provides an easy way for candidates to prepare for interviews by getting answers to various queries. In the past, individuals had to go through all relevant books and materials to prepare for an interview. Currently, there is an abundance of easily accessible collections of interview questions with answers. Therefore, the process […]
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