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What is CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Salary?

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: May 4, 2024 
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As you know, technologies are updating very fast. However, it creates problems for enterprises because enterprises face difficulties in handling complex networking infrastructure. For this reason, they look for candidates with expertise in solving network challenges. That’s why CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training is in high demand. It allows you to learn specialized skills for secure and efficient network operations.

Moreover, with CCIE Enterprise certification, you will get many job opportunities and better salary packages. So, you will learn about CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Salary in this blog.

Before going deeper into the blog, you need to have a quick overview of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification and why you need CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training to stay ahead in your networking career.

What is CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure?

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is an expert-level certification designed by Cisco. It validates the expertise to design, deploy, and optimize complex enterprise network infrastructure. This certification helps you gain knowledge and skills. It includes routing, switching, network automation, security, and many more. Furthermore, it allows you to become an expert in various networking technologies.

It is a globally recognized certification that plays a vital role in the journey of network engineers. In other words, it will help you access job opportunities in different industries worldwide. With this certification, you will handle and solve the challenges of network projects. Additionally, CCIE enterprise salary tends to be higher as employers give more preference to certified candidates.

Now, let’s discuss CCIE Enterprise Salary with Roles and Responsibilities.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Salary

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification can significantly boost your earning potential. In the United States, CCIE Enterprise professionals can expect to earn anywhere between $120,000 to $200,000 annually. A similar range applies to various other developed countries.

Even in India, the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure salary varies between 5 to 50 Lakhs Per Annum, with experienced individuals reaching the higher end. It’s important to remember that these are just estimates, and factors like your specific skills and the company you work for will also play a role in your salary. Here are some job roles and salaries associated with those –

1. Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer performs duties to secure networks and devices from malicious cyber-attacks.

Salary: The starting salary of a Network Security Engineer ranges from 12 LPA to 20 LPA.

2. Network Architect

A network architect performs the following duties including planning, designing, and implementing data communications for a specific server in an enterprise.

Salary: The starting salary of a network architect ranges from 8.7 LPA to 27 LPA.

3. Security Consultant

A security consultant ensures data and information security in any software and system.

Salary: The starting salary of a security consultant ranges from 5 LPA to 47 LPA.

4. Network Engineer

A network engineer performs duties, including designing, monitoring, implementing, and maintaining LAN and WAN services in an enterprise.

Salary: The starting salary of a network engineer ranges from 6 LPA to 40 LPA.

5. System Engineer

A systems engineer performs the duty of the efficient operation of an organization. It includes designing and deploying network infrastructure.

Salary: The starting salary of a systems engineer ranges from 6.2 LPA to 45 LPA.

6. Network Administrator

A network administrator is responsible for setting up, supporting, and maintaining networks and computers.

Salary: The starting salary of a Network Administrator ranges from 6 LPA to 20 LPA.

7. Information Technology Manager

An IT manager is responsible for the maintenance and operation of software and servers in an enterprise.

Salary: IT Manager salary ranges from 12 LPA to 35 LPA, depending on experience.

8. Software Engineer

A software engineer performs the duty of designing, building, and testing end-user applications.

Salary: The starting salary of a software engineer ranges from 17.5 LPA to 50 LPA.

Now, let’s look at the factors that influence CCIE Enterprise Salary.

What Influences CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Salary?

Here are the main factors that affect the salaries of CCIE-certified professionals:


This is the most influential factor in the salary aspect. With experience, you get a better salary package and a prestigious position in a renowned organization.


Location is another factor that affects CCIE Enterprise salary. The high cost of living and strong demand for skilled candidates in different cities influence salary levels.


You can get better salary packages from industries more involved in technology. These industries include finance, telecommunications, IT services, and much more.

These are some factors that affect CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Which CCIE is in demand?

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification is the most sought-after CCIE track because it allows you to gain expert skills. It includes designing, deploying, and maintaining network infrastructure.

Q2 – What are the different tracks of CCIE?

There are various tracks of CCIE – CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCIE Security, CCIE Wireless, CCIE Collaboration, CCIE Data Center, CCIE DevNet, and CCIE Service Provider.

Q3 – What is the average salary of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure in India?

Candidates with CCIE Enterprise certification earn an average of ₹23.8 lakh.

Q4 – How many CCIEs are there in India?

In India, there are approx. 3000 CCIE certified engineers. Most CCIE wireless engineers are working with Cisco.


In this blog, we discussed the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification in detail. It includes roles and responsibilities, factors affecting salary and much more. This is a very popular certification in the networking domain across the world. Additionally, having expertise in this competitive environment makes CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure salary promising.

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