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Our students got placed

Our students got placed at

got placed after CCNA training
Hiring Partners
Highest Salary Hike
Highest 6 LPA Package as a fresher

Who should attend the job guarantee Course?

PyNet Labs’ 100% job guarantee course covers students from different backgrounds and assists in building skills to outcompete experienced applicants. Our job guarantee courses cover:

  • Individuals who are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed their graduation/post-graduation.
  • Individuals who are employed and seeking a shift into the IT industry.
  • Students who have a career gap and require enhancement of their competencies and skills may also enroll in this program.
  • Individuals who are seeking an opportunity for a job.
  • One who wishes to get a secure job without having to make several unsuccessful efforts.

In the vast majority of situations, students who have just finished their education have no idea what skills are truly necessary while looking for a job. So PyNet Labs curated a 100% job guarantee course where you will learn technical and soft skills for obtaining a good job in your desired company.

Why join PyNet Labs 100% Job Guarantee Course?

Dynamic Team with 12+ years of Training & Placement Experience
On paper Placement Guarantee or 50% Money back
Quality v/s Quantity training with limited students (maximum 10/batch)

Lifetime access to class recordings for revision purpose
24X7 Unlimited Lab Facility for you to practice better
Lifetime doubt solving & interview assistance
Don't miss out on the latest Network Engineers job opening!
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50% of your fees is refundable if PyNet Labs' could not get you a job after Job Guarantee Courses Completion. (Read FAQ for details)

Our Job Guarantee Courses

For freshers and Experienced Network Engineers

Level up your foundational networking skills with

Spoken English
Resume Writing
Realtime Networking Tools
Duration - 4 Months
Minimum package for Freshers – 3 LPA
Minimum 30 - 60% Hike on Current CTC for Experienced
INR 60000 INR 49,500 Only

Give a perfect start to your automation career

Python & CCNA DevNet
Spoken English
Resume Writing
Realtime Networking Tools
Duration - 5 Months
Minimum Package for Freshers - 4 LPA
Minimum 40 - 80% Hike on Current CTC for Experienced

INR 70000 INR 64,500 Only

Let your SD-WAN skills outshine you from the crowd

Cisco Viptela SDWAN
Spoken English
Resume Writing
Realtime Networking Tools
Duration - 5 Months
Minimum package for Freshers – 4 LPA
Minimum 40 - 80% Hike on Current CTC for Experienced

INR 75000 INR 69,500 Only

Keep your networking knowledge current

Cisco Viptela SDWAN
Python & CCNA DevNet
AWS Basics
Resume Writing
Realtime Networking Tools
Duration - 7 Months
Minimum Package for Freshers - 5 LPA
Minimum 50 - 100% Hike on Current CTC for Experienced

INR 100000 INR 79,500 Only

Combine your networking expertise with cybersecurity for a winning career

Linux Fundamentals
Cyber Security
Spoken English
Resume Writing
Realtime Networking Tools
Duration - 6 Months
Minimum package for Freshers – 4 LPA
Minimum 40 - 80% Hike on Current CTC for Experienced

INR 75000 INR 69,500 Only

Combine your networking expertise with cybersecurity for a winning career

Linux Fundamentals
Cyber Security
Web Application Penetration Testing
Spoken English
Resume Writing
Realtime Networking Tools
Duration - 7 Months
Minimum Package for Freshers - 5 LPA
Minimum 50 - 100% Hike on Current CTC for Experienced

INR 100000 INR 79,500 Only

Pay in super flexible and easy instalment options
Avail loan facilities at 10.5% p.a
50% Money back guarantee,if not placed

Upcoming Batches

Instructor-Led Online Certification training
Training from an Industry specialist trainer.
Lifetime access to class recordings
Job Guarantee
Flexible Batches
29th June
Monday to Thursday
8: 30 PM Indian Time
08th July
Saturday & Sunday
5 PM Indian Time

What Job Guarantee Course Offers

We at PyNet Labs designed Job guarantee courses to equip learners with the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the current market. It is advisable to have a genuine interest in job guarantee courses when enrolling in them. Our courses offer:

  • A placement guarantee or refund for eligible candidates who successfully complete the course and meet the requirements.
  • After finishing a job guarantee course, you can find a job in the relevant field within a short period of time. Depending on your previous experience, education, and interests, you can choose from a variety of roles and industries that suit your profile.
  • Job guarantee courses can help you launch or advance your career in a fast-growing and competitive field. They can also help you gain confidence, network with peers and trainers, and showcase your portfolio to potential employers.

However, it is important to remember that the job guarantee program is not some magic potion that will guarantee you success. It is advisable to put in effort and practice your skills to get the most out of it. Job guarantee courses are a valuable investment in your future.

Career Services Designed to Help You Crack Your Next Job


Get access to extensive spoken English classes that will equip you with the confidence to ace your next interview or excel in your current role.


Work closely with expert career coaches to get your LinkedIn profile and resume ready.


Attend mock interviews to be able to stand prepared in the market
Apply & Start your journey



I am thankful to PyNet Labs for my placement at Spectra just after completing my graduation and CCNA training.
Job placement at Spectra with 4 LPA Package
Network Engineer

Vickky Mohan

I joined the CCNA program and I am very grateful to my CCNA trainer, Mr Jatin and Miss Rinki (English-speaking coach).
Job placement at SoftwareONE
Technical Associate

Venkata Gopi

I got placed at Airtel even before completing the full course. I just took CCNA and CCNP training from PyNet Labs
Job placement 
at Airtel
Network Engineer L1
  • PyNet Labs vision is to place 200+ Network Engineers in Networking Domain by the end of 2022 and 500+ Engineers by end of 2023.
  • We believe CCIE Training is not required for Freshers to get a job as we have placed many Aspirants who are having only CCNA or CCNA + CCNP knowledge.
  • We believe in taking your admission in our Job Guarantee Courses only if we are confident that we will place you at a minimum of 4 LPA packages and above (for Freshers) and a minimum 40% hike (for Experienced Professionals).
  • We believe in creating a trustworthy ecosystem of Network Engineers across the country.
  • We will take only 10 admissions per batch each month in our Job Guarantee Courses.

After finishing the job guarantee program, many individuals are unsure what type of job they may engage in. It's normal to have a few doubts. All of us do. You may be wondering why you should enroll in job guarantee courses and what type of career awaits you if you do. Here are some of the things that PyNet Labs’ 100% job guarantee course offer for a fruitful career.

High-Paying Jobs

There are a lot of high-paying jobs out there, but to acquire one, you need the right set of skills. Every business is actively searching for skilled individuals to fill various open technical positions. So, we train you in the skills that will be beneficial not only for today but for your future also.

Hands-on Knowledge

You may learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses by applying your knowledge to real projects. Our courses are designed which includes a number of assignments that put your knowledge to the test. A trainer's consistent encouragement is another factor in how quickly you can improve. The emphasis of our 100% job guarantee courses will be on practical experience with cutting-edge tools.

Unlock More Opportunities

Your professional career improves as you acquire new knowledge and skills. You can apply for jobs that you couldn't have imagined applying for a few years ago. Our job guarantee courses assist you in gaining the expertise required to join new industries. Attending our courses would be beneficial if you want to change occupations or enter a rapidly rising field such as networking or cybersecurity.

The best thing about our Job guarantee courses is that you can decide your career path by selecting the best suitable course.

Have any further

Chat With Us


Deepanshu Budhija

(CEO & Co-Founder at PyNet Labs)
Mr. Deepanshu has over 12 years of experience in education domain. He has been actively involved in HR, Placements, Counselling, Corporate Tie-ups and career guidance. He is leading the placement team from the front with Ms. Nandini & Mr. Nitish and building tie-ups with the corporates and bringing opportunities for the students.

Abhijit Bakale

(CTO & CO-Founder at PyNet Labs)
Mr. Abhijit is the true visionary behind planning the training modules, labs and course material. Like they say, if you have a right guru, you can break boundaries easily. Mr. Abhijit has planned the complete course structure with Mr. Chirag and most of your technical classes will be taken by them only.

Nitish Kumar Sah

(Senior Training Advisor and Placement Co-Ordinator at PyNet Labs)
Mr. Nitish is a core team member at PyNet Labs who has always believed in keeping students first as the motto. For him the priority is students then himself or the company. It is mainly because of him, we have kept a 50% Refund on Job Guarantee courses fees if we are not able to place you. He will be your training advisor and mentor during your journey.

Chirag Dhall

(Senior Trainer for CCNA and CCNP)
Mr. Chirag is a young and dynamic trainer at PyNet Labs. He has been actively involved in training over 300+ students in the past on CCNA and CCNP technologies. He also has good experience with VMware virtualization and he is taking multiple corporate batches for PyNet Labs for CCNA and CCNP. He understands the problems of freshers in CCNA/CCNP very easily and solves them with a unique technique that students fall in love with the technology.

Rinki Sharma

(Communication Skills Trainer)
Ms Rinki , English Teacher since 1999,has over 23 years of experience in the domain. She has taught English to people from rural background and government school in effective ways to enable them face the interview confidently. One-hour class will be taken by her from day 1 of your technical class. Since English cannot be learnt in a day or two, so, we have planned 3 months of training of Spoken English, Interview Preparation and basic Interview Etiquettes for you.

Nandini Tiwari

(Placement Manager at PyNet Labs)
Ms. Nandini has 5+ years of experience as a placement officer and HR with Coca-Cola and multiple companies. She will be the one leading the placement team with Mr. Deepanshu and Mr. Nitish and will be responsible for placing you in the right place at the right package. She will be your first point of contact for any placement or interview-related query. Since all the job openings will go through Nandini, you can be in touch with her for relevant openings.


So, we at PyNet Labs understand that most of you have already spent your parent's money in your graduation or post-graduation and again asking for INR 75,000 from them for professional training is bit difficult. Our founders have been from similar family backgrounds and understand the value of money. So PyNet Labs' team has decided that we will refund 50% of the Job Guarantee Courses fees in case we are not able to place you in a company. However, trust us, we don't want to refund your money so we will get you a job anyhow. Visit PyNet Labs' Privacy Policy to read the terms for Money Back. 

You must have 80% or more attendance in all classes, and take this seriously. So, attend classes and come for learning only. Complete your assignments on time and always be active in the community. Since complete training is online, you need to be available for presentations weekly or once in two weeks whenever our team requires.

You will have unlimited access to labs so practice as much as possible and you should be able to answer the questions asked by your trainer in the ongoing classes. You must apply for jobs when and where advised by the team. If you do not get any job within 6 months of your Job guarantee courses completion, then you are entitled for 50% refund.

Make sure you:
  • Apply for all the jobs that placement team recommends and sit for interviews.
  • Apply for all the jobs via portals which placement team recommends.
  • Are open to relocate to multiple locations.
  • Attend mock interviews and interview preparation sessions.

Yes, you can pay the training fees in two installments.

Yes, you will get an additional 5% fees waiver if you pay in single part.

We have seen various senior engineers are stuck around 5-8 LPA even when they are 5-10 years experienced in the domain. All they need is direction and a good package jump with a decent company. We believe we can help them in getting a right package with our Job Guarantee Courses.

We can help you get a loan from our payment partners at a nominal interest. Or if you show us genuine expenses, salary slips, we at PyNet Labs can also give you an interest free monthly EMI where you can pay INR 12,500 per month for four months

Yes, you will have to spend atleast 5 hours a week in the same to be able to cope up in the interviews and express your technical knowledge better.

You will be the wisest person to join one of our job guarantee courses right from your final year because we will ensure that you will have a good offer letter in hand before you graduate and you can ask for NOC from college/university to work which is allowed now a days. The three people we helped for Yamaha Motors, one of them is still in final year and had to rush to university for his NOC to work with Yamaha as Network Engineer and he could take exams parallel.

You can opt for 2/3 EMIs by PyNet Labs Team.
We can help you in getting a loan for 12-18 months from our Banking Partners, Loan approval is fast and paperless and will take maximum 4 days to check whether you are eligible for the same or not.

Yes, complete training is 100% Online and your job would also be mostly on the basis of online interviews.

You can Call Mr. Nitish at +91-9821215002 or Email us at [email protected]

We have multiple time options i.e. Morning, Evening and Afternoon on Weekdays or Weekends both for our Job guarantee Courses.

Yes, we can try to adjust a proportion of your fees with the Job Guarantee Courses Fees, which you can check with our team at +91-9821215002

We have multiple students from BA, BCOM, BSC or similar non-engineering or Computer applications background, and everyone with a keen interest in Networking is eligible for this program. However, depending on your first interview with our team before giving you enrollment in our Job Guarantee Courses, we will check whether you are really ready to learn Networking or not.

We have a simple admission criteria; we will check two things in you before giving you a job guarantee:

1. Your attitude towards learning
2. Your past experience or internships or where exactly have you spent your time in previous years.
If we are satisfied that you are ready to put in efforts, then worry not, we are equally excited to help you get a good job in Networking Industry

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