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Why Network Automation is in Demand today and in the future?

Last Updated : September 1, 2021
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Networking is now changing! Getting bigger and better but complex with rapid technological advancement. Due to this increasing complexity and lengthy downtimes, network devices may break down that could financially impact an organization’s operation and overload IT, staff, while performing the mitigation.  

But, as every problem has its solution, Network Automation is one for this. Network Automation is not just a process of automating the configuring, managing, testing, deploying, and operating of physical and virtual devices within a network. But, it helps IT infrastructure to cope with this growing complexity.  

With every function automated and repetitive processes controlled and managed automatically, Network Automation improves the network services. And, the most amazing thing about it is that any type of network can use network automation. Be it, Hardware- and software-based solutions enable data centers, service providers, or enterprises, improving efficiency, reducing human error, and lowering operating expenses, is what every organization desires alongside their network being stable, scalable, and resilient.

Need of Automation in Networking

So, the question arises, what is the need of automation in networking?

For Businesses, it’s crucial to keep pace with the digital world. Not because they don’t want to be left out but because they need to deal with the real issues today, I.e., the increasing IT cost for Network operations. Devices added to a Network for effortless operation also outpaces IT capabilities, making manual approaches nearly impossible.  

Yet, up to 95 percent of network changes are performed manually!  

  • This, increases operational costs 2 to 3 times higher than the cost of the network.   
  • Also, manual changes lead to configuration errors and inconsistencies in the network.  
  • Expanding network changes at a huge scale can be problematic.  
  • Moreover, network downtime and nonremote troubleshooting time can be harmful on so many levels.  

Network Automation can prevent all these real issues, so why not? Why not automate enterprises’ networks when they still can? That is why there is a need of automation in networking as it can prevent all these real issues.

Why is Network Automation important for Network Engineers?

Before an enterprise automates its operations, it must find the path to automation that’s right for them. Whether they would like to work with existing network and policy definitions, migrate as fast or slow as they would like, or start from scratch.  

The importance of network automation for network engineers can be understood by the fact that whatever path an enterprise chooses, it will surround Network Engineers, who would take the step forward. In an enterprise journey to automation, they would be the one building everything from nothing, brick by brick.

You can listen to such Network Engineers taking up Network Automation training from PyNet Labs to achieve Network Automation goals for their organizations.

Benefits of taking Network Automation training from PyNet Labs

There are various benefits of network automation training from PyNet Labs as we are the only institute that came up with its customized courses to fill the gaps between Cisco’s official courses and skills required within Network Engineers to take up those courses.

We offer Python for Cisco Network Engineers + Ansible + CCNA DevNet training that benefits our students in many ways.

  1. They get to learn Python from scratch before starting with DevNet Associate learnings.  
  2. They pay for one and get two courses training.  
  3. Total 45 hours of training duration with the availability of weekdays and weekend batches.  
  4. Regular 3-4 hours of training so learners could digest what they have learned, comfortably.  
  5. Lifetime access to session/class recordings.  
  6. You get to access real-time labs at your desired hours for regular lab practice.  
  7. We offer chat support to our students over a private Telegram group.  
  8. Training from Mr. Abhijit Bakale, who has delivered 12000+ hours of training internationally in the past eight years.  

All these Network Automation training benefits are available only with PyNet Labs, so why not start today?  

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This is a chance for you, the Network Engineers, to allow unprecedented operations efficiency and speed while still supporting your business agility. Taking up this training, you unlock automation projects for yourself and easily meet the increasing customers’ expectations. Alongside helping your businesses achieve the goal of 10 times the agility at 10 times the speed and one-tenth the cost of current operations.

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