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What is the CCIE Salary in India?

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: May 27, 2024 
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Do you also wonder what is the CCIE Salary in India or how much a CCIE Certified candidate earns in India? Cisco’s CCIE is the top-notch certification for network engineers, not only in India but across the world. It showcases you have skills and knowledge to design, build, and troubleshoot computer networks because as per the current market scenario, employers look for only skilled candidates. With the CCIE training and Certification, you will gain expert skills and knowledge in network infrastructure management.

By obtaining CCIE certification, you will become an asset to the organization. So, in this blog, we will discuss CCIE Salary in India in detail, but before exploring CCIE salary, let’s look at the CCIE tracks.

CCIE Tracks

There are 7 tracks in CCIE. While any CCIE certification can significantly increase your earning potential in India, it’s important to choose a track that aligns with your career goals and interests. Some tracks, like Security or DevNet, might be in higher demand than others depending on the industry. For those looking to specialize in complex enterprise network solutions, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training can be a valuable asset. The 7 tracks include –

  • CCIE Enterprise
  • CCIE Security
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Expert
  • CCIE Data Center
  • CCIE Wireless
  • CCIE Service Provider
  • CCIE Collaboration

Becoming an expert in a specific track will help you access many job opportunities and get better salaries in the IT market. After CCIE, you can move towards various job roles. However, CCIE salary vary across India depending on various factors which we will discuss later.

CCIE Salary in India

The CCIE Salary in India depends on many factors, but the starting Salary of a CCIE is INR 7 LPA, which can get up-to INR 40 LPA with experience. On average, you might be looking at INR 10 to 25 LPA on average.

As we know, employers prefer CCIE-certified candidates to manage complex network infrastructures. The CCIE certification holds great importance in networking not only in India but globally. It gives you more opportunities to earn a good salary.

Let’s explore the CCIE salary along with roles and responsibilities.

Network Engineer

A network engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing complex network infrastructure. Moreover, with CCIE expertise, they perform multiple duties including troubleshooting network problems, optimizing network performance, and ensuring network security.

Salary: The starting salary of network engineers after CCIE ranges from INR 7,00,000 to INR 11,00,000 per year.

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is able to design and implement network security solutions, configuring firewalls, VPNs, and prevention systems. They also perform security audits and respond to security incidents.

Salary: The starting CCIE salary in India of a network security engineer ranges from INR 6,50,000 to INR 12,00,000 per year.

System Engineer

They are responsible for designing and deploying network systems, configuring servers and networking equipment. In addition, they manage network services such as DHCP and DNS, and provide technical support to users.

Salary: The starting CCIE salary of a system engineer ranges from INR 7,50,000 to INR 10,00,000 per year.

Network Consultant

A network consultant provides expert advice and guidance on network design, architecture and optimization. They also perform network assessments, develop network strategies and assist customers in implementing network solutions.

Salary: The starting CCIE salary of a network consultant ranges from INR 6,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 per year.

Senior Network Engineer

A senior network engineer leads network infrastructure projects, advises junior engineers, develops network policies and procedures. Apart from this they also perform duties. It includes implementing network automation and orchestration solutions and providing advanced technical support.

Salary: The starting CCIE salary of a Senior Network Engineer ranges from INR 11,50,000 to INR 15,00,000 per year.

Network Architect

A network architect is responsible for designing and architecting large-scale network solutions. They develop network architecture standards and best practices and evaluate new technologies. They also provide strategic direction for the network infrastructure.

Salary: The starting salary of a network architect ranges from INR 8,00,000 to INR13,00,000 per year.

Note: Salaries vary for different roles depending on various factors including experience, skills, certifications, location, and industry. For Example – the salary for CCIE Enterprise certified candidate ranges from 5 to 50 LPA, where as the average salary of a DevNet Expert is 50 LPA.

These are the CCIE Salary in India for various positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – How many hours is the CCIE lab?

The CCIE lab exam is eight hours long. It examines how you configure real equipment and troubleshoot the network in a timed test situation.

Q2 – Is CCIE the highest level?

Yes, CCIE is the highest level of Cisco certification and one of the most difficult certifications to obtain in networking.

Q3 – What is the qualification for CCIE?

The qualification for CCIE certification is the CCNP core exam. For example, if you want to go for Cisco Certified Devnet Expert certification then you have to do DEVCOR (350-901) v1.1. It is a 120-minute exam and if you want to go for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification, you have to CCNP Enterprise Core – ENCOR Certification.

Q4 – Which is best CCNP or CCIE?

CCNP is a professional level certification whereas CCIE is an expert level certification. Moreover, CCIE is the most sought after and highest paid certification in networking across the world as compared to CCNP.


In this blog, we discussed the CCIE salary in India along with roles and responsibilities. Earning CCIE certification is a great investment in your networking career. If you have CCIE certification you are an asset to any organization, and it also benefits you in your professional journey. With this certification, you will be able to work with the latest technologies. It provides you many job opportunities and better salaries not only in India but around the world.

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