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What is Versa SD WAN Certification and How Is It Different From Cisco Viptela SD WAN?

Last Updated : July 30, 2022
Versa SD WAN Certification

In recent years, 'Versa networks' has made a name for itself in the networking domain by winning many awards for its SD-WAN and SASE services. Today, we will discuss what is Versa SD WAN Certification and how it is different from Cisco Viptela SD-WAN. We will also look at Versa SD WAN Certification and how it can benefit network engineers. 

As organizations are getting increasingly involved with cloud-based applications and infrastructures such as SaaS and IaaS, the importance of quality of experience is increasing every day, which is the main reason enterprises are moving towards SD-WAN. Versa SD WAN solution is the top featured rich solution in the market, and it is attracting a lot of enterprises. So, every network engineer needs to know what Versa SD WAN is. 

What is Versa SD-WAN?

For those who don't know, SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. It is an advancement of traditional SD-WAN, offering expanded services, lowering costs, and paving the way for even more advanced capabilities in the future.

The main reasons to implement SD-WAN solutions over conventional WAN technologies are reduced deployment time and complexity, improved WAN control, application-based traffic steering, and even taking SLA into account when making forwarding decisions.

Versa also launched its SD-WAN solution, which is known as the only true multi-Tenant SASE architecture in the world. Soon after the release of Versa SD-WAN, it became the leader in the secure SD-WAN market as it combines full-featured SD-WAN with deeply integrated security, real multi-tenancy, scalable advanced routing, and advanced analytics to address WAN Edge requirements for small to very big Enterprises and Service Providers. 

Versa Secure SD-WAN is also known to protect against security threats such as Internet and Branch threats with the help of its multi-layer security. It eliminates several separate proprietary network and security devices, each requiring different skills to install, set up, test, and maintain. Branch security is improved while the network management time is also got slashed. 

With the help of Versa SD-WAN, operations are made easier, expenditures are reduced, and there is more control over how WAN infrastructure is orchestrated, monitored, and visible. Versa Networks also launched Versa SD WAN Certification to validate network engineers' knowledge of its SD-WAN platform. 

Versa SD WAN Certification

Versa SD WAN Certifications are industry-recognized certification that allows network engineers to showcase their skills and knowledge through an impartial testing and certification system. As of July 2022, Versa has four certifications in the SD-WAN track; these certifications are: 

  • Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate 
  • Versa Certified Administrator – SD-WAN Specialist 
  • Versa Certified Administrator – SD-WAN Professional 
  • Versa Certified Administrator – Security Specialist 

Apart from these certifications, Versa is also planning to launch Expert level certifications in this track, but we have to wait a while to see the launch of these certifications. Let's discuss the available certifications for now: 

1. Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate

It is an entry-level certification in the Versa SD WAN certification list. This certification exam is for network engineers capable of designing, optimizing performance, troubleshooting, providing support, and managing secure SD-WAN on Networks built with Versa platforms. 

  • Exam Code – VNX100 
  • Exam Time – 90 Minutes 
  • Exam Language – English 
  • Exam Cost – USD 100 
  • Prerequisites - None 

The validity for this certification is 2 Years. 

2. Versa Certified Administrator – SD-WAN Specialist

This is a specialist-level certification, and it is intended for professionals with over one year of experience in operating and managing Versa SD-WAN platforms. It is perfect for network engineers who want to demonstrate their skills to architect, engineer, and plan for Versa SD-WAN solutions. 

  • Exam Code – VNX300 
  • Exam Time – 90 Minutes 
  • Exam Language – English 
  • Exam Cost – USD 150 
  • Prerequisites - Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate 

The validity for this certification is 2 Years. 

3. Versa Certified Administrator – SD-WAN Professional

Currently, this is the topmost certification in the Versa SD WAN certification list. This certification is for network engineers who want advanced knowledge of Versa SD-WAN and are already equipped with one or two years of experience operating, architecting, and engineering for Versa SD-WAN platforms. 

  • Exam Code – VNX400 
  • Exam Time – 90 Minutes 
  • Exam Language – English 
  • Exam Cost – USD 200 
  • Prerequisites - Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate or Versa Certified Administrator – SD-WAN Specialist. 

The validity for this certification is 2 Years. 

4. Versa Certified Administrator – Security Specialist

This is also a specialist-level certification, but it is for network engineers who want to perform various functions with Versa Security services. It is relevant to all network engineers with experience handling and configuring Versa SD-WAN networks. 

  • Exam Code – VNX325 
  • Exam Time – 90 Minutes 
  • Exam Language – English 
  • Exam Cost – USD 150 
  • Prerequisites - Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate or Versa Certified Administrator – SD-WAN Specialist.

The validity for this certification is 2 Years.

These are the 4 Versa SD WAN certifications available currently. Now, it is time to see how Versa SD-WAN differs from Viptela SD-WAN.

Versa SD WAN vs Viptela

Versa and Viptela are the best SD-WAN vendors in the market. The SD-WAN solutions of both vendors are second to none and acquire more than 80% of the total SD-WAN market. We will be comparing Versa SD-WAN vs Viptela SD-WAN to understand what makes them better than others and which one is better among these. 

What makes Versa SD-WAN better than Viptela: 

  1. Delivery 
  1. Scalability 

What makes Viptela SD-WAN better than Versa: 

  1. Product offerings 
  1. Features and Functionality 
  1. Support and services 

So, if we are talking about SD-WAN products from these vendors, it is clear that Cisco Viptela SD-WAN is the winner.  

Apart from this, we can see that both these vendors' SD-WAN are cloud and Data Center technologies. If we talk about the strengths of these vendors, Viptela SD-WAN is more famous because of its brand name. At the same time, Versa SD-WAN gets more popularity because it is a complete SD-WAN solution offering security, high scalability, and micro-segmentation. 

This is all we can get from Versa SD-WAN vs Viptela. We hope you have all the information about Versa SD-WAN. Now, let's discuss how to train for Versa SD-WAN Certifications. 

Versa SD-WAN Training

Only a handful of institutions are offering Versa SD-WAN training worldwide. PyNet Labs has proved itself the best training institute for various training, including Versa SD-WAN. 

Network engineers get to learn how to integrate Versa SD-WAN with their current network with PyNet Labs' Versa SD-WAN training, which covers the Official Versa course outline for L1 to L3 levels. After completing this single course, network engineers can take any exam in the Versa SD-WAN portfolio. 

For other details, you can visit the Versa SD-WAN Training page. 

Now that you have learned most about Versa SD-WAN, its certification, and how it differs from Viptela SD-WAN, we hope you also choose Versa SD-WAN to grow in your career. Various enterprises rapidly use SD-WAN solutions to move away from problems faced with traditional WANs which is creating more opportunities for professional with SD-WAN skills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1 – What is Versa SD-WAN? 

Answer - Versa SD-WAN is a complete SD-WAN solution offering security, high scalability, and micro-segmentation, enabling multi-cloud connectivity for Enterprises. Versa SD-WAN is among the top two SD-WAN vendors in the market. 

Question 2 – How does versa SD-WAN work? 

Answer - By building an overlay that virtualizes numerous, varied, and carrier-neutral connections and employing centralized control for the deployment and monitoring of branch office services, SD-WAN streamlines traditional network infrastructure. 

Question 3 – What is SD-WAN and why do I need it? 

Answer - SD-WAN, or Software-defined Wide Area Network, is a model derived from SDN (Software-Defined Networking) technology. The networking architecture known as SDN divides the forwarding plane (Data Plane) from the network's control plane. As enterprises started moving towards cloud and SaaS, SD-WAN became the optimal option because traditional WANs are not capable of handling cloud traffic. 

Question 4 - What is the benefit of SD-WAN? 

Answer – The main benefits of SD-WAN are as follows: 

  • Better network performance 
  • Reduced Cost 
  • More network flexibility 
  • Easy to manage and configure 
  • Better security 

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