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Network Address Translation

Network Address Translation

What is Network Address Translation (NAT)? Network address translation (NAT) is a mechanism that allows several devices on a local network to share a single public IP address while maintaining their own distinct private IP addresses. This is made possible by NAT, which translates network devices' private IP addresses to their public IP addresses so they can […]
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What does a network engineer do

What Does a Network Engineer Do?

If a business or organization wants its employees to be able to freely exchange information and resources, as well as maintain open lines of communication, they need a sophisticated network architecture. A network engineer is required to handle the network architecture. By reading this article, you will know the answer to the question, "what does […]
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OSPF Metric Calculation and EIGRP Metric Calculation

Best Path Calculation Methods - OSPF and EIGRP Metric Calculation

OSPF metric calculation is used to find the shortest path by using cost as a metric and determining the cost of paths to know the best path to the destination. Before understanding the OSPF and EIGRP Metric calculation, you need to know that: The automatic and dynamic exchange of routing information between routers is made […]
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