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What is Python for Network Engineers?

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: March 13, 2024 
Python for Network Engineers

Python for Network Engineers – Organizations these days are constantly seeking greater agility and speed in their various IT operations. They want to seize the market advantage by innovating in new technologies and responding to ever-changing market trends. Also, IT teams are turning to a higher level of automation and a more efficient allocation of resources to support these business goals.

Python for Automation

Python and network automation go hand in hand. Python helps network engineers to write scripts that automate difficult network configurations. It is currently the most popular language to implement software-defined networking and network automation and is considered a crucial skill for budding network engineers.

Its importance can be estimated from the fact that Cisco has officially recommended having knowledge of Python programming for learning and clearing its associate-level DevNet certification, the DEVASC 200-901.

Python for Network Engineers

In the current market scenario, individuals with network automation skills are the most sought after by various large companies. Employers are looking for network engineers with automation skills to manage their infrastructure and automate manual and repetitive tasks. To meet these demands, network engineers must be proficient in Python scripting, as this programming language is the requirement for network automation. Since not many network engineers are well-versed in programming languages, it can be difficult for them to get a job as a network automation engineer.

So, aspirants wanting to create a career in the growing field of network automation should seek python skills.

 Some of the reasons why Python is essential for network engineers

  • Python has high readability and is easy to write and understand. 
  • Network vendors, such as Cisco, have accepted Python as the language of choice. 
  • Several network automation tools are written in Python 
  • There are many helpful Python libraries for network engineers 
  • Cisco has already embedded a Python shell in many of their switches 
  • Python has excellent community support and due to its popularity, finding a solution to a problem is very easy. 
  • Python is the way to enter the field of network automation for network engineers.  

So, the value of Python for network engineers can be seen from the above points.

Why Businesses Require Network Automation?

A significant hurdle many companies face in the search for efficiency is that their enterprise network is too difficult to manage than ever before. To make it worse, most of the management tasks on these networks have been performed manually through the command-line entry. This has proved to be tedious, rigid, and highly prone to error.

Network failures are also a big pain point in the field of enterprise networking, among others. Overly complex, hard-to-manage networks have become a roadblock in business innovation, making necessary security improvements difficult and raising costs. These various drawbacks have led to a search for better approaches.

One such approach that is fast becoming the industry favourite is network automation. There are several benefits attached to automation, and let’s look at the different advantages of network automation for businesses.

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Why Choose PyNet Labs for Learning Python? 

PyNet labs bring to you the fantastic combination of Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet to help you clear the DEVASC 200-901 exam with ease.

Network automation course training at PyNet Labs has a number of key features which make it highly suitable for people wanting to learn this invaluable skill.

  • Python Training from Scratch 

Our experienced faculty starts teaching the Python programming language right from its fundamentals so that network engineers with little or no knowledge of this language can also understand the concepts being taught. This helps create a solid foundation for writing scripts using Python later on in the course.

  • Focus on only the Required Level of Training 

We focus on only teaching the amount of Python required in network automation. Our trainers don’t bother you with overly intricate details and cover the level of concepts you will need in your network automation journey.

  • Pay for only 1 Training. 

You don’t need to pay an additional fee for the Python course as it is already included in the Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet training.

  • Suitable for Freshers 

Since we cover Python from scratch, it is effortless for freshers to follow the course and learn Python for network automation without any prior knowledge.

Since not many network engineers and IT professionals are aware of Python, PyNet Labs has developed a unique combo of Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet training to help you clear the exam and gain this valuable credential.

Our expert faculty will cover the basics of this programming language and help you learn the highly in-demand skill of network automation. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop to start learning the latest and trending technologies from PyNet Labs and make your career as a network automation engineer.

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