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To close the gap between classroom learning and practical experience, students must participate in online summer training program for new opportunities. The Summer training is an important aspect of student's life as it provides the necessary skills required to move to the corporate world and imparts the importance of technical implementation in a professional setting.

High-pressure environments are nothing new for students. The ups and downs of life become immediately apparent the second you set foot in the real world. Graduate and undergraduate students both benefit significantly from participating in online summer training.

To succeed in one's chosen field, it takes more than just passing tests with high grades. To make an impression in your field and contribute to it, you must first acquire relevant practical experience. And in this regard, the summer training PyNet Labs offers is invaluable. Using the direction from experienced instructors, you can put what you've learned into practice on real-world projects. This can help you become more proficient in your work and increase your understanding.

PyNet Labs has put together comprehensive, industry-focused online summer training programs that can go anywhere from 1 to 6 months. To assist you in becoming a more experienced individual, we offer a variety of programs that include 4 weeks, 6 weeks summer training, 8 weeks/2 months, 3 months, and 6 months of training.

Online Summer Training Programs

The goal of this training program at PyNet Labs, which can be completed in four weeks, is to give you a chance to understand the fundamental concepts of networking and ethical hacking. You may particularly strengthen your position in the IT sector by focusing on either of these two fields. Students can pursue either the CCNA or the CEHv12 training, depending on their needs/interests for future careers.


The need for skilled employees continues to rise, and in response, PyNet Labs now offers CCNA training so that students can refine their skills on real-world projects. The CCNA program has updated content to suit industry shifts and sector developments. The CCNA summer training program is led by seasoned networking experts with years of experience managing CCNA projects.


Students who are serious about starting a successful career in the Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking fields will benefit significantly from the CEH ethical hacking summer training. Our comprehensive CEH program is delivered by the industry's most credible and seasoned instructors and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about the foundations of information security.
Undergraduates and graduates can enroll in the 6-weeks summer training program at PyNet Labs. For a deeper understanding and more career options, we've combined CCNA and CCNA DevNet, CCNA and CEH, as well as Linux and CEH training, into a single program. Depending on your professional goals, you can select the appropriate combination course. The 6-weeks summer training comes with 100% Job Assistance.


Giving you an excellent opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field, PyNet Labs brings the best combo courses one can expect. CCNA will allow you to learn new networking skills and a basic understanding of Cisco network technologies and infrastructure. Whereas CCNA DevNet focuses on software development for Cisco platforms and solutions, as well as an understanding of application development and programmability in a Cisco environment.

CCNA + CEHv 12

Getting CCNA training with a CEH opens up new possibilities and improves one's knowledge of networking and cybersecurity. PyNet Labs came up with the idea of combining two separate courses into one that would serve students' professional needs more effectively.

Linux + CEH

The last option in the 6 weeks summer training program is Linux + Certified ethical hacker. Both Linux and CEH are in high demand in the job market. Many companies are looking for individuals who have knowledge of Linux administration and cybersecurity. The Linux + Ethical Hacking program at PyNet Labs can lead to various job opportunities, including penetration testers, security consultants, etc. Getting both Linux and CEH training can give you a competitive advantage over other job applicants who only have experience in one of the areas.
The 8-week or 2-month program at PyNet Labs is designed to quickly and effectively provide students industry-relevant skills. PyNet Labs offers a combined course training program with placement assistance and work on live projects for better career opportunities. You can either make your career as a professional network engineer by choosing CCNA and CCNP ENCOR, or you can go for networking + automation, i.e., CCNA+ DevNet. Both will help you get ample opportunities, and one can go for DevOps afterward.


PyNet Labs is pleased to introduce a combo online summer training program consisting of CCNA and CCNP ENCOR. If you are interested in establishing a networking technology profession with enormous scope and potential for advancement, enrolling in this Combo course will be the finest choice.

CCNA + DevNet

CCNA + DevNet program is designed for network engineers, developers, or beginners who want a strong understanding of network infrastructure and want to learn how to automate and program Cisco networks. With this training, one can choose from a wide variety of job roles, such as Network automation engineer, cloud network engineer, network solutions architect, and many more.
PyNet Lab is dedicated to the comprehensive growth of exceptionally driven and curious individuals. Our three-month online summer training program would provide students with the opportunity to learn about and do research on a variety of different networking, automation, or cybersecurity technologies and ideas. We have constituted 3 perfect courses with a 100% job guarantee and are open to students from any academic or professional background. In addition, we provide spoken English courses and resume writing services to help you differentiate yourself from the other students.


Under this program, we have covered the basics of networking, i.e., CCNA to the professional level, i.e., CCNP (ENCOR + ENARSI). CCNP ENCOR will help you proficiently implement and operate Cisco enterprise network core technologies. Similarly, the CCNP ENARSI helps you to become proficient in implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services.

Network and Automation Expert

PyNet Labs has expanded its already excellent 3-month summer training program by adding four more courses to help you become a network and automation expert. This program will teach you the fundamentals of networking with CCNA, advance you to the professional level with CCNP (ENCOR + ENARSI), and equip you with coding abilities, i.e., python, to go for CCNA DevNet.

Advance Network Expert

To become an advanced network expert, PyNet Lab has combined four courses into a robust 3-month program. This summer training is ideal for students looking for summer training in Delhi for engineering students to keep up with the rapid pace of technological development. Under this training, PyNet Labs provides combo courses CCNA, CCNP ENCOR, CCNP ENARSI, and Cisco Viptela SDWAN to prepare you for a career in the IT field.
Become job-ready after completing your summer training. This course comes with a job-guarantee which will help you secure a reputed job after course completion. Students can learn much about the industry and themselves over a 6-month Online summer training. Students will benefit from this program since it will familiarize them with current norms and practices in the IT field.

PyNet Labs offers a 6-month training program for undergraduates and graduates that includes minor and major projects. Under this training, you will be learning about networking, automation, cloud, and cybersecurity. In addition to the three programs mentioned below, we also provided English classes, resume building, and free access to online networking tools.

Advance Network, Automation & Cloud Expert

To help you master three related fields, we at PyNet Labs bring a combo of six complete courses, i.e., CCNA, CCNP ENCOR, CCNP ENARSI, Cisco Viptela SDWAN, Python & CCNA DevNet, and AWS Basics. The diverse nature of this course makes you stand apart from others in the competition. Under this summer training program, you will learn everything from networking fundamentals to advance courses focusing on automation and AWS basics to cloud concepts.

Network & Cybersecurity Expert

Gaining expertise in both networking and cybersecurity will give your career a significant boost. This program will help you become a network and cybersecurity expert by combining five courses: CCNA, CCNP ENCOR, CCNP ENARSI, Linux Fundamentals, and Cyber Security. This course will include real-world projects since that's the best way to learn. It is considered one of the best courses for everyone looking for summer training in Delhi for engineering students.

Network and Pentester Expert

PyNet Labs knows which course brings the best opportunities. Keeping that in mind, we have successfully combined six courses, i.e., CCNA, CCNP ENCOR, CCNP ENARSI, Linux Fundamentals, Cyber Security, Web Application & Penetration Testing. We are keen on providing you with the best experience that includes live projects. With this combination of skills, you can work as a network administrator, security analyst, and many other roles.

What You will Get after Completing Online Summer Training/Internship

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How PyNet Labs' Online Summer Training Works.

Placement Procedure

Benefits of PyNet Labs’ Summer Training in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR

However, you put in; your effort always pays off. After completing the summer training program at PyNet Labs, you should feel accomplished. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff, we provide you with the best learning atmosphere. Let's put down some of the benefits of our summer training program -
  • Summer Training is vital to stand apart from the crowd. It's a must-have for every student. Having received the training offered is usually a benefit while looking for a job.
  • The training is not simply restricted to academics. You will receive enough live projects and assignments to implement them in the actual world. Our educational philosophy is grounded on the idea that "learning by doing" is the most effective method.
  • The learners are educated as per their interests. The faculty members have extensive backgrounds in education having years of experience in the IT field.
  • Certified instructors not only instruct but also help students find employment. Thus, assisting you in getting placed in the leading MNCs.

Dedicated Placement Cell

We provide a team of seasoned educators dedicated to guiding students through training and job placements. It caters to the needs of students by offering a 100% job guarantee after a three-month and six-month training program and placement assistance after a four-week, six-week summer training, and eight-week training program. After completing the training, candidates are sought out and employed by the world's leading MNCs.

Why Choose  PyNet Labs for Summer Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

A summer training program is a short-term course that is designed specifically for college/university students. It plays an important role in bridging the gap between industry and academic study by assisting students with the needed practical skills in a specific field of interest. If we talk about the time period, summer training programs can range from a few weeks to months, depending upon the nature of the course.

College students who are just starting out in their careers would benefit greatly from participating in such training programs. They would acquire knowledge and skills that would create new opportunities for them and also adds valuable experience in their field of interest. It also assists in transforming their theoretical knowledge into practical practice to work on real-world challenges and allows students to learn from professionals in the industry.

Summer training and internships are two sorts of learning options for students seeking hands-on experience in their chosen field of interest. However, both differ in terms of duration, structure, and outcomes.
The summer training program aims to prepare students for the future by teaching them new skills and giving them opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. After your training, you will be assigned a project—either an existing one or a whole new one—to complete in order to demonstrate what you've learned.
An internship gives you hands-on experience in preparation for a full-time position. Students will get experience in corporate life, working with customers, completing real-world projects, and expanding their professional network via internships. During a summer internship, you will be tasked with completing actual clients' projects and learning technical and non-technical skills.

Many students consider participating in summer training programs to learn new skills and obtain valuable work experience. Some students may benefit from participating in summer training, but it isn't a must for all students. You must consider your academic objectives, personal interests, financial status, and availability while deciding whether or not to participate in a summer training program.

Many students are in confusion about selecting the summer training institute. There is much to consider, including course material, trainers, costs, certification, and placement services. While many online training institutes are out there, PyNet Labs is exceptional.
PyNet Labs has a staff of highly experienced trainers in the relevant industry or field. For each course, we provide in-depth video guides with lifetime access, certificates, and project letters. We also have a telegram group where you can share ideas and support each other in your learning journey.
Many new graduates and network engineers have found jobs through PyNet Labs, with starting salaries of 4+ LPA at companies like TCS, IBM, Spectra, and many more. We also assist in getting you a job and will even help you prepare for it by giving you practice interviews and real-time feedback.

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