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Importance of Cisco Certification (CCNA) Training for your career

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: March 16, 2024 
Importance of Cisco Certification

Before discussing the importance of Cisco Certification let’s understand different Cisco Certification courses.

Cisco Certification Courses:

Cisco certification courses are some of the most desired courses for people working in IT technology. There are many certifications and paths that Cisco offers but for a brief overview you can divide it into the following credentials:

  • Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr)

In this blog, we will be focussing on CCNA.

CCNA Stands For

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, the associate-level certification by Cisco that validates your skills to navigate the ever-changing landscape of IT. The CCNA exam, CCNA 200-301 covers networking fundamentals, IP services, security fundamentals, automation, and programmability.

Cisco’s CCNA is designed for agility & versatility, and professionals with CCNA Course are supposed to have skills to manage and optimize today’s most advanced networks. So, professionals can improve and enhance their networking knowledge with CCNA certification training and learn to install, secure, operate, and troubleshoot issues within enterprise networks.

The CCNA credential increases the employment opportunities in the networking domain for freshers and professionals can advance their career, promotions, and new job opportunities with higher salary packages. Moreover, CCNA training offers professionals an opportunity to take their career in any direction; either they can kickstart their career with networking jobs as a Network Engineer or take advanced Cisco certification courses training.

With advanced Cisco certifications training, like CCNP and CCIE professionals can have more profound networking skills, meet business, and exceed market demands.

Importance of Cisco Certification

  1. CCNA Training for Freshers:

Graduates/non-graduates seeking a career in the networking domain with no educational networking background can take CCNA training. The CCNA 200-301 course curriculum is designed to cover networking learning from scratch. And the combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and self-study throughout the CCNA training duration can help freshers gain skills to install, operate, configure small-sized networks.

The possible job roles for freshers after CCNA training

  • Entry-level network engineer  
  • Help desk technician  
  • Network administrator  
  • Network support technician  

Through CCNA training, freshers/professionals can also prepare for the CCNA 200-301 certification exam that costs 300 USD + Taxes (varies from country to country) and are valid for three years.

Benefits of this certification

  • This CCNA certification alone can open the door to opportunities in one’s career.
  • A fresher with CCNA certification can get better job opportunities with a higher package than other IT guys applying for the same position.
  • Also, the hiring manager will consider a certified candidate a perfect fit for the new job roles in the IT field, such as the growing new technology SDN (Software-defined networking) and cloud.

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2. Benefits of CCNA Certification Training for Professionals

Networking professionals with CCNA certification under their belt can raise and negotiate a higher salary than they could have only imagined after years of work experience. CCNA certification offers skills, knowledge, and confidence to compete with the growing networking world.

As our enterprises are now entering this digitizing world, new technologies like SDN, clouds are preferred over traditional networking. And networking professionals must upgrade their skills with these recent changes in order to stay relevant to this industry, and the journey starts with CCNA certification.

The possible job roles for professionals after CCNA training,  

  • Information Technology Manager  
  • Systems Engineer  
  • Network Administrator  
  • System Administrator
  • Senior System Engineer  
  • Network Security Engineer  
  • Cyber Security Analyst  
  • Senior Systems Engineer  
  • Information Technology Specialist  

Significant benefits of CCNA Training in your career

As CCNA 200-301 training covers enterprises foundational monitoring, managing & maintaining skills, it is one of the most preferred and highly valued certifications that grow professional careers. Also, the latest and advanced network technologies such as automation and programmability are part of the CCNA course curriculum that lets professionals grow into the automation field.

  • Proof to your hands-on learning experiences 
  • You will be able to secure better career opportunities and higher salary packages  
  • Stay ahead in your career than your peers.  
  • Link the digital badges to your social media handles and connect with certified community  

Now, if you are thinking about preparing for the CCNA exam, then follow the tried and tested steps that we have mentioned here for you.

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Salary with CCNA Certification

The average salary with CCNA Certification is around INR 300,000 in India.

  • Salary with CCNA Certification on monthly basis for a fresher – INR 20,000
  • Salary with CCNA Certification on monthly basis for Professional – INR 25,000

For more details of salaries for network engineers, you can also read this blog: How to Become a Network Engineer in 2022?

How to get CCNA Certificate

The best way to get CCNA Certificate is with Instructor-led CCNA Training by PyNet Labs:

You can opt for instructor-led CCNA training online by PyNet Labs to prepare for the CCNA certification exam. With us, you can learn directly from networking experts and have class recordings with lifetime access to keep your CCNA skills on point.

Our CCNA training curriculum is wholly inclined to Cisco’s official course guidelines. Various study materials such as CCNA practice books, PDFs, and study guides will be provided within the training duration. Check our official CCNA Course page to have batch and fee details. Or you can make an inquiry with us on Call/WhatsApp/Telegram us at +91 – 9821215002 or mail us at [email protected].

To pass the global exam, all you have to do is hard work and rigorous practice. Also, the skills to manage time wisely are essential.

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