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WHAT’S NEW IN CISCO DNA SOFTWARE for SD-WAN, and How can Enterprises Benefit from it?

Author : PyNet Labs
Last Modified: May 20, 2024 
Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN

The enterprise networking business has been undergoing many rapid changes in recent times. Using an advanced virtual enterprise networking platform has become vital for every business. Various software manufacturing companies offer such solutions to small to large enterprises. Business owners should look for customized software that suits the requirements of their enterprises with precision.

Cisco is one of the leading software developers for enterprise networking. Among various enterprise resource planning and networking tools, Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN and Routing is popular. Businesses rely on this software for three crucial reasons: seamless networking solutions, top-notch safety, and continual improvements. You can also join our Cisco SD-WAN training to learn more about SD-WAN.

With the advent of time, Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN keeps getting updated and has become the most popular among businesses.

Changes to Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN in 2021 and How Business can Benefit from it?

The business will find amazing convenience by automating the enterprise networking process. As the world heads towards automation, most software vendors incorporate a few changes to the existing enterprise software to create the provision for automation in the future.

Using Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN automates the enterprise networking to some extent. With the changes added to the software, the software is anticipated to provide more automation features to the users. As a result, business owners will find convenience. Instead of spending time on business networking, they can devote more time to core business activities to improve revenue.

According to Cisco, the update comes with the following changes to the software.

  • The routing tier of Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN has improved with the new updates.
  • The new update also states that the bandwidth tiering of the software has improved.
  • New routing solutions are added to the tool with the new update.

The Changes in Routing Tiers

After the recent update, users can find that Cisco has moved many features from Cisco DNA Essentials to the Cisco DNA Advantage. Various security and cloud networking features will boost the performance of DNA Essentials. The routing process for small and medium enterprises will become easier and more convenient.

Small-scale businesses have been recognized as price-sensitive customers, as funding crunch is a common problem for all small businesses. The new changes to the routing features will meet the requirements of such price-sensitive customers. Additionally, providing accessible business plan examples can further assist small businesses in navigating their financial challenges effectively.

The cloud networking component of the software has acquired many new features to make cloud networking a seamless affair. Additionally, the VPN limitation to the Cisco Essentials has been modified. Now, users can connect five VPN servers to the network.

At the same time, security has been enhanced by adding new security features. Data safety is a concern for all businesses these days, and thus enterprise networking security is vital. The new security features can neutralize the contemporary security threats to business networking.

Bandwidth Expansions

In bandwidth expansion of the Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN, you will notice two changes. Firstly, Cisco has expanded the bandwidth tier for all the SD-WAN devices. Instead of choosing the individual bandwidth levels, buyers of Cisco ASR and ISR devices can now select the bandwidth tier as per their enterprise requirements.

The second change is the escalation of the aggregate and nominal bandwidth capacity. You can notice changes to the capacity for both Tier 0 and 1 bandwidth.

With the changes made to the software, Cisco indicates that Discrete Bandwidth Level pricing will slowly appear through a tiered bandwidth approach. In 2023, users will get an option for choosing the tiered bandwidths. You need to pay according to the bandwidth level that you choose.

The Introduction of Right-Pricing

The third big change that Cisco has made with the Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN is the introduction of the right pricing. For small-scale enterprises, the pricing of the software is a concern. For providing more convenience to small businesses, Cisco has made a few changes to the pricing policies. With Cisco DNA Essentials and Advantage, you will find the changes in pricing policy.

The revamped pricing for the Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN will bring convenience for the price-sensitive customers. While reviewing the pricing, Cisco has realized that pricing could be improved to obtain a more competitive edge. Small enterprises are mostly price-sensitive, as they have to operate with limited funding. Nevertheless, improved pricing will bring more satisfaction to the existing customers.

Changes in pricing will also lure the small businesses that had affordability issues in the past. With the introduction of more competitive pricing, more small-scale businesses can afford DNA Essentials and Advantages for SD-WAN for their business networking.

From this, we can understand how updates to Cisco DNA software for SD-WAN have made it more accessible to small and large enterprises. They can use the tool to obtain seamless business networking solutions. The new changes made to the software features and pricing will benefit the existing customers of the software. At the same time, more businesses will find encouragement for purchasing the tool for their enterprise networking.

Choosing the right enterprise networking partner software is essential for the success of a business. Similarly, professionals to run that software are a significant requirement.

But to fill the shoe, Network Engineers must upgrade their skills and remain relevant to the industry. And for this, Cisco has updated its certifications too. For SD-WAN designing and deployment, Network Engineers can go for Cisco’s 300-415 ENSDWI certification or Cisco SD WAN training and train themselves to design, deploy, configure, and manage your Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution in a large-scale live network.

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