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Routing Information Protocol Featured Image

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) in Computer Networks

In 1981, the Routing Information Protocol (RIP) was first developed as GWINFO in the Xerox Network Systems (XNS) protocol suite for the Xerox PARC Universal Protocol. RIP, which was first described in RFC 1058 in 1988, has a reputation for being simple to set up and use on small networks.
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Spanning Tree Protocol Featured Image

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

In this article, you will study the basics of spanning tree protocol, including how it works and its various types and states. So, let's get started and understand what is Spanning Tree Protocol or STP.
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What is DHCP? Its Relay Agent, DORA Process and Server Configuration Explained!

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is an extremely useful protocol as, without it, it becomes necessary to manually assign IP addresses for new computers and computers that are transferred from one subnet to another. So, let's learn what is DHCP and what are DHCP Relay agents, and what DHCP DORA Process is.
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CCNA DevNet Interview Questions and Answers Featured Image

Top CCNA DevNet Interview Questions and Answers

Our trainers and placement officers, who are among the brightest minds in the DevNet track and have already assisted thousands of network automation engineers in getting trained and placed, have curated these questions to help you prepare best for your interviews.
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Versa SD WAN Certification Featured Image

What is Versa SD WAN Certification?

In recent years, 'Versa networks' has made a name for itself in the networking domain by winning many awards for its SD-WAN and SASE services. Today, we will discuss what is Versa SD-WAN Certification and how it is different from Cisco Viptela SD-WAN. We will also look at Versa SD-WAN Certification and how it can benefit network engineers.
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OSPF LSA Types Featured Image

OSPF LSA Types and their Functions

In this blog, we will understand the OSPF LSA types and how OSPF uses (LSAs) are exchanged, including how the information is exchanged in the network topology between routers.
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ACI Interview Questions and Answers Featured Image

Top 15 Most Asked Cisco ACI Interview Questions and Answers

It is always better to prepare beforehand for all the most asked technical questions. Here are the top 15 Cisco ACI Interview questions and answers.  
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Nexus Interview Questions Featured Image

Top 15 Most Asked Cisco Nexus Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for Cisco Nexus Switch job roles or Cisco Nexus interview questions? We have a list of the top most asked Cisco Nexus interview questions and answers that are the interviewer's favourite.
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DHCP Interview Questions and Answers

Top DHCP Interview Questions and Answers

We have curated a list of the top most asked DHCP Interview questions and answers to help all the budding network engineers. These interview questions are selected by some of the most experienced interviewers and networking industry experts. We hope you get to succeed in your interview with these DHCP interview questions.
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TCP vs UDP Featured Image

TCP vs UDP – What’s the Difference?

TCP and UDP, both the protocols are part of the Transport Layer but still when data is transmitted using TCP and UDP. We get to see some differences in them. But before we start learning about the differences, let's first understand what TCP and UDP exactly are. 
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Network Troubleshooting Tools Featured Image

Best Network Troubleshooting Tools

Hey there, in this blog, we will learn about the Networking Troubleshooting Tools. We might not be the networking doctor, but we can definitely have a first aid kit ready with us. Let's get started and understand the components of this Network Engineer's First Aid Kit.
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What is VTP - VLAN Trunking Protocol

What is VTP – VLAN Trunking Protocol?

Before APIs were available on Cisco platforms, configuring a network switch was a manual process. So, the VTP – VLAN trunking protocol was a blessing to network engineers as it reduces the administration in a switched network.
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